Thursday, July 17, 2008

Black and White and Red all Over

I asked the Becka if she knew any "black and white and red all over" jokes and she just looked at me strangely. I remember plenty of "knock-knock" jokes and black and white and red riddles from my childhood, probably when I was in that wonderful seven to eleven year old age group.

What is black and white and red all over?

A newspaper, or
An embarrassed penguin, or
A zebra with a rash, or
A sunburned skunk, or...

I could go on and on but you get the general idea.

We had a couple of dull days on Manitoulin Island as the weather changed frequently. On this particular day a cold front approached from the west creating drizzle, fog and lots of chilly air. We drove to South Baymouth where the ferry from Tobermory docks several times a day in the summer. The Chi-cheemaun was arriving and we watched vehicles and people disembark from the boat after the ninety minute crossing. Colour pictures were so dull as to be completely uninspiring so I chose red on the colour select setting of my camera for some bright accents. (I had used yellow in New York City on another dull day)

The summer I was seventeen, Grandma and I drove from her home north of Toronto up the Bruce Peninsula to Tobermory. She wanted to take me on the ferry to the Island but it was not to be. We waited two days as strong winds across Lake Huron delayed any crossings. Now we drive around the lake to Sudbury and then south through Espanola, crossing the only bridge to Manitoulin at Little Current. Perhaps we will take the ferry sometime, but I do not care for rough or foggy waters.

We walked around the docks and the breakwater at South Baymouth up to the lighthouse which flashed across the foggy bay. When we came back to the little town, the streets were empty. Over the next four hours, bikes and cars and trucks would trickle in to wait for the next ferry.

The weather kept us indoors that evening and we watched The Scarlet and the Black on the little TV and portable DVD player we had packed. It is one of my favourite Gregory Peck movies and is a very inspiring story based on J.P.Gallagher's book, "The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican".

The black and white and red theme of the day continued.

The skies finally cleared and the moon shone on the water. Black and white, but not red all over this time.

Beautiful nevertheless!


  1. LOVE these photos Ruth! You are so creative! When life gives you drab, focus on one color. Amazing how much life that gives to the photo.

  2. I just love the photos. What a great idea, and it really worked!

    I'm also a big fan of "The Scarlet and the Black." What a great vacation day...misty ferry, empty streets, lighthouse; then a great movie and the moon. Sounds perfect.

  3. Cooool!
    So, is that a camera setting you use? or a Photoshop setting?
    I am curious.
    Wonderful creative post.

  4. Very creative you are! I wondered what that setting on the camera was for ... I'll have to try it out one day!!

  5. Such nice pictures and memories!

  6. I took the ferry once just because it was there, but we've done the Mackinac bridge a few times.

  7. Love the photos and the effect! Would like to know more about how you achieved it.

  8. Your photos are very striking!! I really like this effect that you have achieved. My favourite is the first one, the lighthouse.

  9. Loved the incredible effect that the touch of red gave.

  10. The anonymous comment was mine. Pushing a wrong button makes a difference. Be patient with me.

  11. Jayne- "When life gives you drab, focus on one colour." I like that.

    NCMW- Thanks. Hardly anyone I know has heard of that movie. It is worthwhile watching it.

    KGMom, Laura, CS...
    Canon cameras (and others no doubt) have a "colour select" setting where you choose one colour only, the rest of the picture being black and white. Even my daughter's most inexpensive Canon has this feature. I am sure you could do post editing on some photo programs, but this way is easy. Laura, I believe I heard about the website "Picnik" from you and that is were I added the frames and other touches.

    Jean- Thanks...memories are special, as you remind us so poignantly...

    AC- If you still go to the Island, the north route would be the best way to go. Maybe next year we will take the ferry.

    Ann- Thanks. I like lighthouses very much.

    Mom- thanks for reading and can add as many comments as you like!


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