Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Flowers: Diversity

Ginger wrote a post entitled Lessons from the Gardens and described her recent visit to Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia. I hope to have the opportunity of seeing them some day. In her usual wise way Ginger drew a number of life lessons from her observation of these beautiful formal gardens. Here is a quote from her post,

"Contrasts bring out the beauty. It's all a part of "the plan." Get right up next to those who are different than you, and the proximity of both of you will enhance the beauty in both of you."

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to visit our city gardens on the way into work on Thursday morning. Rockway is a lovely urban oasis and the small acreage is tended by volunteers as well as city workers. I took special note of the contrasts in colour, texture and landscape. There are water gardens, rock gardens, perennial gardens, annual gardens, herb gardens as well as flowering trees and shrubs.

Rich, late summer colours created a pleasing palette for the eye. Falling water and fountains added peaceful sound effects in spite of nearby rush hour traffic.

This diversity of growing things is carefully planned and lovingly tended by those who choose to work in the garden. The master gardener arranges, plants, prunes, divides, weeds, waters and feeds them as they grow. At the back of the rock garden behind some shrubs, thistles and milkweed are even allowed to flourish in a controlled way.

Are the circumstances of my life random and unplanned?

I think not...

But I can choose whether or not I want to grow and flourish where I have been planted.


  1. I loved Ginger's post and love yours too Ruth. What a beautiful place!

  2. Wow Ruth, what a pretty place! The grass is so green and so many flowers yet -- I can tell you have had much more rain than we have had this summer.

  3. LOvely gardens.I have been to Butchart,but not for many years.Each garden has it's own beauty.So too,each life has it's own beauty and purpose.

  4. Gorgeous! I'm getting the feeling that Canadians really know how to do gardens. :)

    Thanks for the reference!

  5. Love all the gorgeous colors in the gardens. Contrast is good. It makes me notice the world around. Great captures and post.

  6. Two of my favourite quotes are
    "grow where you're planted" and
    "the grass is greener where you water it".

    Beautiful post...makes me miss the K-W!!

  7. Nice pics. I like the way you've captured the light in your first blue flower. I don't know what it is. Is it from that blue-flower tree? It's lovely. I haven't seen any here.

    Been over to Ginger's and enjoyed her post. I'll have to visit Butchart gardens one day! Her pics are gorgeous.

    I'm glad you made some time to stop by your city gardens on the way to work. It's a nice way to start the day - and nicer still to share with us!

  8. Thanks for your comments. Wendy, I do not know what the blue flower was but it was on a tree. There were several varieties of hibiscus blooming and maybe this is one type. Tanya, my brother just moved to Barrie and I will soon be looking for beauty in your neck of the woods too.

  9. I just read Ginger's post and now yours. The flowers are lovely here, too.

  10. Had to set that purple flower as my desktop background. I usually have some amazing southwestern vista on my desktop, all dry and huge and awesomely barren. What a nice change to have lushness. If you ever have time to respond, what flower is that?

  11. Judy, I have tried to find out what that purple flower is but have been unsuccessful. There is no label on the tree and it is an ornamental species. Perhaps it is related to the Rose of Sharon which is bloom now as well.


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