Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Snow and Flowers

Recent weeks have been eventful and time is moving ahead quickly. At the hospital, many of my rehab patients hold on to the hope that they might be home for Christmas and we do our best to help them achieve their goal, even if they can just be with family for a day. In the midst of seasonal busyness, winter arrived in Ontario with a vengeance. Our daughter lives an hour west of us in London ON which is in the Lake Huron snow belt. While we received a couple of centimetres of snow, her city was dumped with 100-150 cm of snow over three days. A community 20 minutes north of her house received 176 cm (which is over five feet). She is a nurse, and while the rest of the city was shut down, hospital and emergency workers had to get to work. She said she worked, shovelled, slept and shovelled for four days. That storm system is gone but more bad weather is on the way. The biggest snowfall I have seen is 30 cm or one foot and that occurs rarely in our area.

I really miss the sun at this time of year with our short days and cloudy skies. In eleven days that will start to change with the arrival of winter solstice. My husband and I visited a local green house recently. It was the perfect antidote for a damp and dreary day.

Several adjoining greenhouses were filled with blooms of various shades and colours. Santa will surely be busy with deliveries!


  1. I remember once visiting the greenhouses of the botanical gardens in Hamilton in February. The spring bulbs were blooming. It was magical and a tonic.

  2. It is great therapy for dreary days. Beautiful and uplifting.

  3. That's just WAY too much snow.

    I really like the idea of visiting greenhouses for a winter pick me up.

    Don't wear yourself out too much.

  4. I too am so ready for the daylight hours to increase.
    Love the bright Poinsettias.

  5. I've been watching the reports from Ontario ... wondering how you were affected! What a dump of snow where the lake effect rules. Your poor daughter must be exhausted.

    Oh, I can't wait for Dec 21st!

  6. I can only imagine how it must have felt to walk into that paradise from the snowy outside! Stay warm Ruth!

  7. Good idea going inside a greenhouse on winter days.I'm going to try that to take a break from the winter weather this year.I like ski lodges in the winter too even though I don't ski.


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