Thursday, December 30, 2010

Early Friday Flowers and Birds of Mexico

Macro of wild asters

Dad has always been interested in photography and used good SLR cameras for taking slides as we were growing up. In my opinion, he has never had a decent digital camera to match his ability as a photographer. He bought my Canon SX10 this year when I upgraded to the Canon SX30 and is having a great time taking pictures with the 20x zoom, sports mode and the macro feature. Two weeks ago I shared flower pictures he took around their home in Mexico. The honeysuckle, which is pretty much finished blooming now, attracted some beautiful birds. Here are a few pictures Dad took this month.

Male Altamira Oriole
Female Altamira Oriole Feeding on Honeysuckle

Can you see the Hummingbird?
I am not sure what type of Hummingbird this is

 Camera comments...

I am still getting used to the Canon SX30 but I don't think it takes better pictures than the SX10 Dad is now using. The newer model has a 35x zoom which is fine if there is excellent light, but there have been few days this winter bright enough to use the full zoom capabilities. I am happy with its size and weight as I do not want to carry a DSLR and heavy lenses out on walks. The manual came on a CD which I find quite inconvenient so perhaps I will print it out and get better acquainted with the SX30 in the new year.


  1. Except for blogs and short articles, I'm also a print guy. Can't read a manual on a computer -- maybe on an iPad or some such.

  2. When it comes to reading I too like it in paper! Your Dad is taking some lovely pics and I can see why you'd like a sunny holiday right about now!

  3. The photos are all great. Now you've got me dreaming of 35x zoom. I only have 10x.


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