Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A New Puppy

It is about three weeks since we lost our well-loved dog Dakota and while there are benefits to living in a house without a dog, we knew we would be getting another one eventually. I have been watching ads and found Kijiji the best place to view a great variety of pets for sale. Our last two dogs have been pound rescues but lately our local animal shelters have been featuring older dogs, many with health and behaviour issues. We are partial to larger dogs who can romp across fields and in deep snow.

Raven's mother

This weekend we visited a farm an hour or so away where Labradoodle pups were for sale. The family raised a few puppies at a time and they were well cared for in roomy pens in the barn. The mother of this litter was a lovely black Labrador with a very calm temperment. The father was a white standard Poodle and we did not see him.

Outside at 6AM

We brought home a 12 week old female who had never been in a house or out and about in the big wide world. Everything was new and a little frightening but she is adjusting quickly to our routines. I commented to our vet that this was the fourth dog we had brought to his clinic and he laughed saying he didn't need reminders that he was getting older. He declared her healthy and likely to grow considerably. She is already 24 pounds.

Life is busy right now but Raven is learning her boundaries and her place in her new pack. The Becka and her dad picked out the name because of her shiny black coat and her inquisitive, intelligent behaviour.

If something is a little scary, there is always a bench or table to sit under while trying to figure it out.

You cannot replace a dog you have loved, but there is always room in your heart for another. 


  1. Enjoy your well-tempered (it seems) new pet.

  2. If you thought life was busy...it just got busier, but with great rewards. Raven is absolutely adorable and will make a great addition to your family. I agree there are some benefits to home without a dog...but those benefits do not out weigh the love, faithfulness, companionship and friendship you receive for your pet. I hope to someday meet Raven....maybe she will become a birder like Lexie - lol

  3. What a pretty dog! And the black dog -- red collar combination is always elegant. :)

  4. She's truly a beauty. You are blessed.

  5. What a beauty! And Raven is a perfect name.

  6. She looks lovely! Ahhh, but the training process -- don't look forward to that too much -- (fortunately Mingus is young yet - lol) . You are right about replacing a Pet- just like people each one is one of a kind and lovable in rheir own way. I'm glad you were able to find one that suites you so well so quickly.

  7. AC- She is well tempered and is making us all very happy too.

    Cheryl- She tires quickly now but hopefully will be able to keep up with Lexie soon. Meet us at the leash-free park at near our house sometime :-)

    Ginger- I love red too, especially on black

    Gaelyn- Thankfully we can all pitch in to get through the busy puppy period of time

    NCMW- Most people really like her name. I didn't choose it but like the bird connection

    CS- She was very meek and well behaved at first but each day she is little bolder and testing a different boundary. She is still very good 95% of the time.

  8. She's adorable Ruth, and I know is already in your hearts! Can't wait to read about her antics here. :c)

  9. Anonymous1:21 pm GMT-4

    I LOVE the name!

  10. Truer words were hardly ever spoken--you can't replace a dog, but there's room in your heart!
    And it helps ease the heartache of saying goodbye.

    I look forward to Raven stories.

  11. We've had some very special dogs, but each one has its lovable qualities.
    Raven is so cute. I've met a few labradoodles and they do seem like wonderful pets.

  12. Wonderful!!! Isn't it wonderful that your heart always has room for one more. I know you will enjoy this new member of your family.


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