Saturday, June 18, 2011

Puppies, Parenthood and a Psalm

After one week of new puppy ownership we are all rather tired and out of routine. Raven has a lovely temperment and is learning quickly, but we cannot take a break from being super vigilant when she is awake. Unfortunately, she still howls for company at night and doesn't sleep past five to six in the morning. The Becka asked if babies were this much work. I assured her that she and her sisters required far more attention and their training took years, not the weeks or months it will take to teach a dog all it needs to know.

Parenting is the toughest job anyone can undertake!

Leash training
This is the sixth dog we have had since my husband and I were married. And each new dog has benefitted from our past animal training experience. Most of us get one, maybe two chances to raise a family to adulthood and we have to do our best to get things right the first time.

At the dog park
We are working harder at socializing this puppy with other people and dogs. Fortunately we have a large leash-free dog park at the end of our street and Raven is learning to be more confident even though the picture doesn't look that way. She now runs with the other dogs and expects all humans to pet her and tell her how cute she is.

Photo by The Becka
Would I do some things differently if I had a chance to raise our children again? Of course! 
But we did the best we could at the time and now know that perfect parents do not exist. As imperfect people we must admit our mistakes, love and forgive while upholding a consistent standard of responsible and disciplined behaviour. While we do not get second chances in raising our families, we can usually access the wisdom and experience of older adults, parents, grandparents or other mentors to help guide the way.

Happy Fathers' Day 
to my dad, husband, brothers and all men who invest time and love into the lives of their children.

Praise the Lord. 
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, 
who finds great delight in his commands.

His children will be mighty in the land; 
the generation of the upright will be blessed. 
Wealth and riches are in his house, 
and his righteousness endures forever.

Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, 
for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man. 
Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely, 
who conducts his affairs with justice.
Surely he will never be shaken; 
a righteous man will be remembered forever. 
He will have no fear of bad news; 
his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

His heart is secure, he will have no fear; 
in the end he will look in triumph on his foes. 
He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor, 
his righteousness endures forever; 
his horn will be lifted high in honor.

Psalm 112


  1. Raven is adjusting well. How fortunate we are to get multiple chances with dog training. Yet can only do our best as parents.

  2. I love the pictures in the shoes. Tired puppies flop anywhere. In the short week you have had her she has adjusted well. She is a very beautiful girl with a lovely personality. She will not be shorted in the "love" department. HAPPY FATHERS DAY, TIM!

  3. Oh my but puppies do take a lot of vigilance at first - I remember it all to well. Like you mentioned, I learned that I would do some things differently next time. Mingus was my first dog and I was glad I had D to help me. D added a good balance - Poppas are good at that -- adding balance.

    An appropriate Psalm for Father's day.

    The ladies that found D's body are coming to tea today - I'm quite excited about it. I've only talked to the one lady on the phone twice (the coroner) but she sounds so nice.

  4. Beautiful post. Raven is lovely and all your hard work will pay big dividends later.

  5. When raising kids, I often wished I had some prior experience to lean on. Seems a shame that when we finally get some wisdom, the kids are already grown.
    Daisy is our 5th family dog. No doubt we've done a better job raising her than with the 1st one.
    Cute photo with the shoes. Raven is adorable.

  6. That shoe picture is the most precious thing! My (late) heartfelt congrats on a beautiful pup!

  7. We'd all do some things differently if we could go back, but I guess good intentions count for much.

  8. What a sweet puppy she is!

  9. It is a very cute puppy. I like dogs that have a nice temperment.I could never understand why someone would want an aggressive dog unles it is trictly for security purposes.

  10. What a beautiful creature Raven is!
    She reminds me so much of my Sadie, a big, black Standard Poodle. Like any puppy, Sadie took a lot of care in the beginning. But she was smart (as are most Poodles and Labradoodles) and learned quickly.
    May Raven long be with you, sharing in the fun of your pack.

  11. What a cute puppy! Love that pic in the shoes.
    Hope things settle down soon.


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