Monday, July 04, 2011

Vacation Postcard #3

Northern Ontario Mascots

We finally made it to the Ontario-Manitoba border this afternoon, 1823 km from our home. It is exactly the same distance from our house in south-western Ontario to Jacksonville, Florida. We are spending the night in Winnipeg, Manitoba and go on to Regina, Saskatchewan tomorrow.

Many northern Ontario communities have decreasing populations as some pulp and paper mills and other industries have closed down. The economy is definitely hurting in many locations and summer tourism is very important for local businesses. Some towns have famous (or infamous) mascots which remind me of statues of patron saints or deities in other countries like Mexico. Today's postcard shows some mascots we met along the way.

Top left: The Wawa Goose- Wawa, Ontario
Top right: Maximillian Moose- Dryden, Ontario
Bottom left: Family of Bears- Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Bottom right: Husky the Muskie- Kenora, Ontario (a very beautiful town!)


  1. Wow--my brother lives just outside Winnipeg (in Steinbach). Wave for me!
    You are logging some traveling miles, eh?

  2. You've sure met some interesting characters so far.

  3. I think that eagle beside Maximillian is new.

  4. Northern Ontario is one my destinations to travel. My Dad was a commerical fisherman in that area, fishing mostly on Lake-of-the-Woods.(near Kenora) The fish statue reminds me of a fish he caught. He had it stuff and it hung the walls for years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane for me. I'm enjoying your vacation right along with you.

  5. In your travels,you will pass not too far dorm my home town of Morden,MB.

  6. Interesting about the mascots! You go by kilometers? anyway, have a great time!

  7. Waving to Donna's brother and to Ruth!
    The eagle was not named and it looked newer than Maximillian. Cheryl, you should have come with us. Jeanette, Canada has been metric since the 1970s, but people my age still think in imperial most of the time.


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