Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Vacation Postcard #4

Red River at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba

My initial impression of Winnipeg when we arrived last evening was not great, but I changed my mind after a tour of the city this morning. Canadian history would have been so much more interesting if we had taken field trips to each province. We stopped in St. Boniface near the tomb of Louis Riel and viewed the famous Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge crosses the river. The steps lead to the river walkway which is obviously flooded at this time. The Assiniboine River is in flood due to above average rainfalls this year and the Red River is also very high for this time of year. (Wikipedia has all the details here)

P.S. My computer time is limited to public internet locations in the evening so I will have to catch up on other blogs when I get back to Ontario.


  1. Love the photo shot...the water certainly is high...The tree looks like it's half buried in water.

    Wouldn't that have been great to study Canadian History by visiting each province. I may have taken that course every year in school - lol.

    Looking forward to Sask. photos.

  2. Great shot of a famous spot in Winnipeg.I'm heading to our fair city today.Have a safe trip.

  3. We visited my brother and sister-in-law about 10 years ago, just after a horrendous flooding. The damage then was still visible even months post-flood.
    I now watch weather reports and pay attention to news about the Red River.

  4. I'm enjoying seeing all those places again although I can't remember the view in the photo. I liked Winnipeg. The Forks were fun. Hope you saw that painted rock there.

  5. Thanks for this. I was supposed to be in Winnipeg now, but things got derailed. You are right, it is not an especially exciting city, though full of history. The Forks is a neat place, though.


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