Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creepy Crawly

The town of Elora, Ontario has been decorated elaborately for Halloween. Gauze covered fabric mache and wire figures have been placed on buildings and along the street. The large spider web is adjacent to the visitor's centre. I was there in the afternoon but after dark the creations are lighted which adds greatly to their ghostly effect.

I haven't taken many pictures of creeping things. I would rather look for birds, butterflies and above ground mammals and leave rock flipping, swamp exploration and dark corners to others. But knowledge does displace fear. I have learned a lot from other bloggers about various insects, spiders and reptiles and my disgust for some things has decreased with an increased understanding of their place in nature.

People can have fun with their fears and phobias at this time of year. So here are two creepy pictures I took this summer. If you notice the pine needles beside the snake you will realize how small it really was. And I will leave the size of the spider to your imagination...


  1. That is one spooky looking spider, I hope you were on super zoom! Always beautiful pictures from you, Ruth. Isn't it true that when we learn more about something it loses some of its fear power. Have a happy halloween.

  2. Happy Halloween Ruth! The town seems to do it up right! :c)

  3. Great Halloween post. I love the creepy decorations.

  4. Anonymous7:18 pm GMT-4

    Creepy crawlers...they make me feel all creepy...especially snakes. I even have a hard time looking at a picture of one. Like everything they have a purpose on this earth, so I have to respect that as long as they respect me and stay out of my way.

    Halloween, as never been my thing. so I will be keeping my yearly tradition by taking in a movie tomorrow night. I just have never understood the purpose of it.

  5. Ohh - that spider looks huge!!! Don't much like spiders, but I love their delicate webs.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of Halloween from your town. Don't you find as years go by that the displays get bigger and better every year?

  6. Beth- It is definitely a zoomed in spider. But is was big enough...

    Jayne- This old town lends itself to these decorations. The adjacent town is called Salem.

    NCMW- These decorations were quite creative, not plastic things from China.

    Cheryl- I have a serious snake phobia and did this post just to prove I could feature a snake. I call it desensitization.

    Wendy- My daughters hate spiders but they do not bother me too much. At least the spiders we have around here...

  7. That spider gave me a chill!!! You really have one of the best blogs out there, you're photos and words intertwine to always invoke a sense of a journey, going somewhere with a point, that usually gives me pause to think at the end. Well done.

    And yes, our phobias. They are stranger and more more personnel that we'd like to admit. We are superstitious at some many levels.

  8. Ok, that spider creeps me out.

  9. How nice that things are decorated and that kids don't destroy it..I don't mind snakes...but the spiders, not there yet...

  10. I have no problems with snakes but I do get creeped out by big spides.-Especially if I run into their web.-Cool photos Ruth!


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