Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting from here to there...

Yesterday was another beautiful fall day. We have had some rain and wind in the last few days and the leaves are falling quickly. Autumn colours are past their peak already. But the sun makes the remaining leaves and landscape look their best. The only covered bridge in Ontario crosses the Grand River at West Montrose. It is common to see a Mennonite horse and buggy coming out of the opening, but the vehicles today were a little different.

Smart cars are not uncommon here, but I always take a second look at their small profile. Gas has recently dropped to just below $1.00 a litre but a car like this is still ideal at the pumps.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone were also at West Montrose and having a great time in their stone age vehicle. It doesn't even take gas, although I did not see their feet pedalling beneath the frame. I think this may be a retiree who wants to add some distraction to his golf game. He sure got some curious looks from the people around the bridge.

The town of Elora is on the Grand River as well, a few miles upstream from West Montrose. It is a quaint community with old homes and shops which cater to tourists. My friends and I used to visit it frequently in times B.C. (Before Children) and browse in the antique and craft stores. We would sip Earl Grey tea and eat crepes in one of the little cafes. This caleche was available for one horse power rides.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman. This was the view when I looked upwards from a trail I walked in Elora. Yes, he is in the treetops and the next post will explain this mode of transportation in more detail.

I don't have to go far from home to see the most interesting things!


  1. There is something about a covered bridge in the autumn.... I too visited a red covered bridge today. Your photos are lovely.

  2. What a lovely post......I love to see the horse and wagon.....we sometimes get them here but not often.....
    the bridge is unusual......what a lovely area to live in........

  3. I love covered bridges. In fact I have my grandparent's covered bridge painting hanging above my sofa and I'm looking at it right now.

  4. You made a lovely picture of that covered bridge. I'm fascinated by the log cart. It seems like something the couple that went to the prom in formal wear made from duct tape should use for their limousine. I'll have to suggest it.

  5. How entertaining that bridge seems to be! :c)

  6. Anonymous9:54 am GMT-4

    I took my Dutch relatives to that covered bridge early this year. It's a very quaint and unique piece of Canadian history. The "revised" golf cart is very funny. What an imagination! It certainly is a converstation piece.
    I walked the Doon trail yesterday morning(Sat)and really noticed the leaves falling. From your picture last week to this week there is a huge difference in the scenery. On my walk I noticed an incredible number of robins. There must have been hundreds of them. Is that usual for them to still be here? I also saw 6 red wing black birds and 7 woodpeckers. It certainly was a busy day along that trail.

  7. Fascinating post.Which is your favorite mode of transportation?I think for myself any or all would be good if the scenery is as beautiful as your pictures show.

  8. Lovely photographs and story. You are absolutely correct that most of us have so many interesting places so near home.

  9. Just below a $1.00 a litre ... I wish!

    A fun post of a day's adventure! Loved the Flinstone Car.

  10. I LOVE the covered bridge and the nice tour you took us on. Not too sure about the Flintstone's golf cart...

  11. Anonymous8:18 pm GMT-4

    I love covered bridges, and the color red makes it perfect.

  12. What a charming little town! I'd love to visit one day and sip earl grey tea with you!!
    I like the pic of the covered bridge. Fred and Wilma Flintstone made me laugh!

  13. Somewhere in this house, there is probably an old b&w picture of that bridge. I knew it before you named it although it looks longer than in my memories.

  14. I would like to have one of those cute little Smart Cars, but I wonder how they'd get around during a Minnesota winter?

  15. We really do take transportation for granted! That covered bridge reminds me how the original bridges united communities and game them access to the world beyond, not to mention being great community achievements! Really nice post as usual.

  16. There are Smart cars all over the place here in Germany. Now that they're more common elsewhere, I don't see so many tourists doing double-takes when one drives by! I gave our son a miniature Smart car in his Christmas stocking a few years ago.

  17. Ruth,

    Beautiful photos. I love the bridge at West Montrose. I have a photo of it somewhere and I think I posted it earlier this fall.

    The boys and I were in your home town on Saturday and came home via Blair Road. What a lovely scenic drive. We wanted to go to Victoria Park, but ran out of time. I would also love to go to St. Jacobs before winter sets in. We'll see what happens.

    Thanks for sharing the delightful photos. I love Fred and Wilma's car.

    Blessings for a great week.

  18. You're amazing :o) I wonder how you find odd and entertaining bits of info during your daily routine.

    I really want to hear about Superman. LOL!

  19. Kathleen- I have seen a few of your Pennsylvania covered bridges. The people who built this likely were Mennonites who came from your area.

    Cheryl- We are fortunate to live in such a lovely area, even if winter is a tad long!

    NW- Your grandparents' covered that is interesting. I will have to search your blog for the details.

    Beth- lol! Duct tape formal wear could be painful of it adhered. Creativity is everywhere.

    Jayne- It is lovely to look at but I suppose the kissing part was as entertaining as it got.

    Cheryl D- Yes the leaves are going fast. The woodpeckers are far more visible on bare trees. We have had a lot of robins on our mountain ash trees, but they are on the move.

    Ruth- Of all these modes of transport I would choose the caleche. But the Flintstone car would be fun.

    NCMW- Many people do not take the time to check out their neighbourhoods. I figure if tourists come here, there must be sights worthwhile seeing.

    CS- Yes, gas is a "bargain" at 97.3 cents a litre.

    RW- I don't think the Flintstones travelled far out of the village.

    Jan- I love red bridges and barns. Especially in the autumn.

    Wendy- Ah...another tea drinker! A kindred spirit.

    AC- I don't have a wide angle lens so the bridge is proportioned as it should be. Black and white photo? Don't date yourself!

    Ruthie- I see them all winter here and I think our winters are likely much like yours as far as ice and snow. You may have colder temps on the other side of the lakes.

    Robert- Interesting comments on bridges. I will have to give them some thought...

    Africakid- Europeans are used to small cars and scooters. We are just starting to see more of them and people still take notice. Smart cars do look cute.

    Mary (ON)- You were close to us. The Blair Rd is lovely along the river. My husband's family first settled in the Blair area when they came from Pennsylvania.

    Mary (US)- You see many interesting and funny things too, because you look for them

  20. Weekend road trips are the best! Especially when you have great places to visit so close to home. My father and I went back up to Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge Saturday. I saw several Kingfishers and some white fronted geese - the first time I've ever seen them. There were a few pelicans, egrets, herons and thousands (40,000 +) ducks and coots. Oh and several Eagles, red tail hawks and one neither my father or I could immediately identify. It was a gray/white hawk. I'll try and post pictures before long. It was a great weekend weather wise. Today is dark and gloomy. Rain and cooler temps are headed our way. I'm hoping we get some flurries.

  21. Julie- Our birds are becoming even more scarce and the temperature is going to be well below freezing tomorrow. We dug out our winter coats tonight.


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