Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Flowers: Autumn Gold

I am rich today with autumn's gold,
All that my covetous hands can hold...

Gladys Harp

Now that we have had some frost and wind and rain, autumn's reds have faded into gold and bronze hues. A hard freeze may not come for days or weeks so hardy plants still bloom and push out new shoots. I will likely have fresh sage, arugula, and oregano until December and the chrysanthemums close to the house may flower into November.

Marigolds are also frost hardy and add rich colour to the raised flower beds at the hospital. They are protected by the building and also by the height of the beds and can be seen through the windows of our office and treatment rooms.

I passed a fall display of flowers, pumpkins and a whimsical stuffed doll in a town north of the city. Her smile is buttoned permanently upwards in the sun, rain, wind and cold. And in the next town, this old car (younger than me!) was parked by another autumn display waiting to transport a wedding party to a reception. There are those who will like this car better than any fall flowers.

Wishing everyone a golden day and a bright fall weekend!


  1. And a beautiful fall golden day to you too Ruth. :c)

  2. Anonymous7:38 am GMT-4

    Glad to see that Friday Flowers still have lots of colour to show. I love the shades of gold. I like older cars (and this one is older then me)much more then the style of 21st century. But I'm like you I would look at the Autumn flower display first before the car.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful!Such vibrant colors.Blessings to You.

  4. That is a nice looking car, I have to agree. Those chrysanthemums are mighty nice too.

  5. Ruth,

    What a lovely post. I love the flowers AND the car. I remember those. Cars were beautiful in those days. They definitely had style.

    I enjoyed playing catch up. The carousel is beautiful. There aren't many around anymore. They were a work of art.

    I enjoyed the photos of the children. I too enjoy watching children discover the world.

    Beautiful autumn and now they are calling for a rainy weekend. Enjoy and try to stay dry.


  6. Very excellent first pic.

  7. We've had a hard freeze, so our flowers are a bit brown around the edges. Thanks for showing us your bright colorful ones. And you have a great weekend as well.

  8. There are no flowers left in our neck of the woods and hardly any leaves. The gray days are fast approaching.

  9. Shades of gold are beautiful at this time of year........I would rather have the flowers than the car but am sure hubby would love to see it......

    have a great weekend........

  10. We're still waiting for our first night time low to drop below 60 degrees. Our lowest to date has been around 67.

  11. What glorious flowers!

  12. Anonymous8:57 pm GMT-4

    What beautiful fall color, and gold is my favorite.

  13. I vote for the flowers. Cars in my opinion are just vehicles. But flowers rock. Flowers rule. Flowers are magic! (have I said enough yet? Is everybody gagging?)
    Never mind - your fall colours are beautiful. Have a good weekend.

  14. I think your first photo is just perfect. About all I have left in bloom are a few Calendula. We had a lot of had heavy frosts and below zero temperatures the past week or so. No snow yet though. Your flower photos are like a mental reprieve from the quickly changing season.

  15. Beautiful post Ruth..Is a hard frost different from a frost? If we have had temps below freezing and some snow, I think the growing season is over here near Buffalo

  16. Thanks for your comments. Cheryl'll soon find everything is younger than you ;-)
    RW- We have had light frosts that ice things up a little but spare all but the tenderest plants. I am still picking raspberries. But a hard frost will end that harvest.


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