Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Fisherman's Prayer

Fishermen's and Seamen's Chapel, Pier 45, San Francisco CA

The Fisherman's Prayer
by Thomas Keats

When far from land on the stormy sea
There are times when my boat seems frail to me
Where the rising wind and the monstrous waves
Have sent many souls to their watery graves

When the fog shuts down and blacks out the shore
And the heavy seas on the rocks do roar
Where the hidden shoal and the tricky tide
Could mean my doom without a guide

In times like this our hearts sometime fail
And we fear we'll be lost in the stormy gale
Our thoughts go back to our friends on shore
And loved ones whom we'll probably see no more

But then at last there is a light
Shining through the gloom like a beacon bright
It is our faith in Our Lord we see
Who rules the raging of the sea

Our thoughts go back to the story true
Of Our Lord who protects His disciples crew
Who were fishermen just like me
And we follow their tradition of the sea

So now all fishermen be of good cheer
And always remember Your Lord is near
The word of a hymn which can give courage to thee
Are "Jesus Saviour, Pilot Me".

Sunset at Pier 45, San Francisco CA


  1. I love that old hymn--Jesus Savior Pilot Me--although, today's audience may not understand the metaphor so well.
    Lovely linking of word and image.

  2. Reminds me of a song my grandmother loved so much - and the sunset image is beautiful!

  3. I think most fishermen are much more spiritual than people would believe, as they know that each time they go out, it may be their last.

  4. Beautiful--both the words and the photographs. Blessings for your day, Ruth!

  5. Beautiful and thought-provoking post. The photograph and words are lovely.

  6. Beautiful hymn.....and I love the sunset.......

  7. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous!! I like the stain-glass too. And the fisherman's prayer.
    Happy sailing (yes, I know you're back home, it just felt right to wish you happy sailing. Maybe for next trip).

  8. Beautiful stained glass, and a lovely prayer, too.
    Great sunset photo!


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