Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My husband was cleaning windows outside on the weekend when a newly fledged Robin fell at his feet. Its awkward attempt to fly had ended up in a crash landing from the retaining wall at the side of the driveway. The anxious parent was hopping about with a worm but it would not come near while we were there. Finally the young bird flew across the road to the neighbour's lawn and was fed its meal by the adult. The adult Robins will continue to feed their young for a while as they teach them how to find their own food.

All the Chickadees have hatched and it appears that there are at least five of them in this bundle. Last evening I peeked in and thought they were all gone as I could see nothing but the mossy edges and bottom of the nest. At first, the baby birds stretched their necks looking for food when I opened the door. Now they flatten themselves completely and are almost indistinguishable from the bottom of the nest when they hear me come.

I am amazed as I observe our birds. How does each species know to make such intricate and unique nests? Who taught them about self-sacrifice, commitment and diligence in caring for their families? After three days, the young know to keep quiet and maintain a low profile except when their parents arrive.

Our lives are so complex in comparison. But the caring instincts are there just the same. My mother has been a nurturer all her life, willing involved in the lives of her family and others. She does not know the meaning of rest and relaxation and is always planning her next activity. After last week's surgery, it appeared very hopeful that her cancer had not spread. But yesterday she received the news from the pathology reports that she has stage four cancer. She is back in hospital and decisions need to be made about future treatment. The most difficult thing for her may be to accept the care and nurture she needs from others at this time. I have purchased my tickets and plan to see her in mid-June or sooner if necessary.

We all take difficult paths in life eventually and it is hard to deny that we are spiritual beings, in need of faith and God as we look for the meaning of suffering and pain. My aunt posted a scripture for the family on Facebook yesterday which says, "Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you." Psalm 9:10

I know that God, who sees my backyard birds, who sees the sparrow fall, will care for Mom as lovingly as he cares for all. Thank you to all who have sent love, prayer and good wishes our way.


  1. Ruth,my prayers are with you and Mom.May you experience God's peace as you travel the road laid out for you.

  2. And so you have received a gift of nurturing from your Mom, and all the life that surrounds you.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Mom ... tough decisions, those surrounding treatment. Very hard to see a parent wane.

    May He give you wisdom and strength through the days ahead as well as comfort and a mantle of peace.

  4. So sorry to hear of the news, Ruth. What a difficult time this must be for you all. I'm glad to hear that you've gotten tickets to travel there. Prayers go up for you and for your mother.

  5. Mexico Mom3:40 pm GMT-4

    The old chorus I learned years ago is in my heart and mind
    "The Lord knows the way through the wilderness
    And all I have to do is follow----
    Strength for the day is mine all the way
    And all that I need for tomorrow ---"
    Thanks to all for your prayersstui

  6. Oh Ruth--prayers for your mom, prayers for you & your whole family.
    This touches my heart deeply.

    I was going to write about the birds until I got to the news about your mother.

    Again, prayers.

  7. Those kinds of instincts amaze me too.

    So sorry abut your mom.

  8. My thoughts and prayers continue for you, your mom and families. I pray that God gives you strength for the tough days ahead. Treatment decision is always difficult, but whatever one is chosen is the right one. As your mom quoted...
    The Lord knows the way through the wilderness and all I have to do is follow. All we can do is follow. Please take care!

  9. beautiful scripture is comforting to know that even in the storm He IS...Emmanuel ~ God with us & El Shaddai ~ All sufficient. We never walk alone!

  10. Oh Ruth, I am so very sorry to hear this. You and your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. I am sorry that your mother has to deal with cancer and that you have to see her pain.I've had to deal with a lot of this sort of thing in my family over the past couple of years. It tends to teach you some things about life and your perspective on life but it isn't easy.I envy people that that have faith in God. I am always searching but don't have the ability to see things in black and white.

  12. Beautiful Ruth. Yes, he is taking care of your mother as he is taking care of you too.

  13. Indeed, the One who cares for the sparrows will MUCH MORE care for our needs--may the Lord grant you and your family an extra portion of grace during these days, to enjoy Him in all circumstances. May He shepherd your Mom, and ease the children's anxieties. May He gain more of us through this trial, than He ever could before... :)

    Peace and love to you Ruth--

  14. Oh, Ruth, I'm just catching up on blogs - you're in our prayers.

  15. What a beautiful post, Ruth. Starting with the birds. How interesting. I did not know that baby birds could flatten themselves inside the nest.

    There was a birdnest in the vent just outside Hubby's hospital window. For the past 2 weeks, we've watch the adults fly up to the vent (on the outside brick wall) with food in their beaks, dash inside and feed babies.

    These past couple of days, the baby birds have stuck their heads outside the vent, waiting for the parents to feed them. I brought my camera to take pics, but of course, the battery was dead. In the meantime, the babies flew away.

    You are so right - we do have difficult roads to travel in this life, and I find turning to Spirit comforts me.

    Sending prayers to you and your dear mother.

  16. Ruth, I am so sorry to hear of your mother's cancer. It's a stressful and anxious time for all your family. I pray that God will give you and yours the strength and peace and comfort to go through this difficult battle.

    I had to look at the chickadee photo for a long time and I finally realized that the light-colored things were the babies' The look like they have huge mouths (beaks)! Wonderful post. Have a blessed week.

  17. ((( Ruth ))) I'll be praying for your Mom and for your family.


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