Monday, May 24, 2010

Holiday Monday

Black-capped Chickadees in the nest keeping a low profile

The first long weekend of the summer season was summery indeed. Saturday was very wet and the warm temperatures that followed have made things grow very quickly. My husband is near Algonquin Park, where black flies and mosquitoes are already swarming. I hope he catches his limit of fish to make the discomfort worthwhile. In the meantime, it was quiet in the city, a perfect day to enjoy the garden and deck.

The baby chickadees are 11 days old and look ready to fledge very soon. I will not disturb them any more for fear they will leave the nest prematurely. The parents still work nonstop feeding them and it must take a lot of grubs to make birds grow this fast in a week and a half.

June flowers are blooming early and the rhubarb patch needed to be thinned out. After a bit of gardening it was time to take a lesson from the dog on how to relax and enjoy a holiday.


  1. Ah Yes,sometimes the animals can teach us things. I hope you took the time to sit back and allow the beautiful day to soothe your mind and heart.

  2. Good lesson from the dog. Very relaxed.
    We have a cardinal nest just outside our sun porch. We watch the parents come and go with mouths filled with birdie goodies.

  3. Those chickadees look almost ready to fledge. Are you making Rhubarb pie? Best is lesson learned from the dog, know when to chase them and know when to relax.

  4. Those baby chickadees can make a heart melt. Beautiful flowers from your garden Ruth.

  5. It was a beautiful weekend. It was filled with friends, family, sunshine, gardening, birding, trail walking and like OUR dogs, some relaxation. A very nice way to start the up coming summer.

  6. Wow, those chickadees have grown fast! Good for you not disturbing them now.

    Your dog really knows how to relax!

  7. Holy Cow, it's hot! What are the flowers to make of it?


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