Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Flowers: Rhubarb and more

One flowering rhubarb patch after thinning
The weather and events of this month have kept me out of the garden. I took time yesterday between rain showers to walk around our property and see what needs to be done this weekend. My husband dug up the raspberry patch and I have a place to plant vegetables, but other than that clear space, the wet weather has encouraged jungle-like growth of the perennial beds. The rhubarb leaves are so large and sturdy that they could be used for Adam and Eve's wardrobe. The ferns are as thick as any I see in the wet understories of the woods, squeezing the hostas out in this back corner.

Our flowering bushes and plants are not doing well because of the lack of sunshine. Lilac blooms are turning brown before opening and the tulips were crushed by heavy rain. Lily of the Valley have spread wildly with many more leaves than flowers. But the Bleeding Heart is blooming and Forget-me-nots have spread in every open space with their tiny blue faces creating a carpet of colour.

Yesterday our recreation therapist and a group of volunteers helped our patients make rhubarb squares. Several patients had fond memories of rhubarb plants and rhubarb desserts and the activity stimulated interesting conversations. The squares turned out well and were enjoyed in the afternoon by everyone. I made stewed rhubarb and rhubarb coffee cake this week, but still had plenty of cut up stalks in the fridge. So I made the rhubarb squares and posted the recipe in my recipe blog Come Home for Supper. They have only five ingredients and are much like my rhubarb custard pie, only faster and easier to make.

Other than chives and tarragon, there is not much else edible in the garden. I hope to get some vegetables out soon but wonder if they will grow productively. We do have regular rabbit visitors who are particulary fond of new pea and bean shoots and lettuce. The short term weather forecast looks grey and dull but ...

...maybe June will bring the sunshine we have been craving. I hope the weather forecasters are on track this time.


  1. I don't remember a wetter spring than we have this year. And so little sun. I am still working on getting my flower gardens weeded. Everything is growing like crazy here. I should put in a rhubarb plant.

  2. I was able to get my garden planted with the help of my friend on the long weekend. It has rained, rained, rained ever since. So unusual fir this area. Mind you, we do need the rain, but .... I do want my seeds to grow before getting waterlogged.

    Mmmmm - rhubarb. I've yet to have my first feed. I'm off to check out those rhubarb squares.

  3. My Mom used to make rhubarb pie. Not one of my favorites though. Wish you luck on the garden. I'm still seeing patches of snow around here. But then I can't garden in the park anyway.

  4. We are currently in the throws of our coldest Spring on record as well as one of the wetter ones. I took a leap of faith the other day and planted out my tomatoes. I've row cover in case it gets to chilly but I am hoping Mother Nature will notice the reminder to warm up!

    My neighbor has an enormous rhubarb plant. Being as she is not a fan of the taste I can cut as much as I want. I ought to check up on it, maybe it is liking our abnormal weather too. Especially now that I've some recipes to try! Stewed rhubarb would be a lovely treat on our yogurt.

  5. That rhubarb makes me yearn for a fresh pie.Yummy!

  6. Hope you get some sunshine. We've been craving more of it, too.
    Our neighbor makes a delicious rhubarb pie. Before I ate that, I'd never had rhubarb in any form.

  7. Lovely photographs. My neighbor just brought me some of her famous strawberry/rhubarb jam. Hope the sun does shine for you and the plants.

  8. Anonymous8:32 pm GMT-4

    save some rhubarb for me!!!

  9. I used to eat rhubarb from my grandmother's yard. We would just pick it and dip it into some sugar. A friend gave me some last year so I used it for a sauce to put on some fish I cooked-not bad.


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