Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Close to Home

Mute Swan nest at Rattray Marsh, Mississauga ON
May is quickly coming to an end and the majority of migrating birds have now moved north of us. Time flies when you are busy. We enjoyed a visit from my brother Philip who came to SIAL, a large international food show in Toronto, to promote his business in Mexico. The Becka and I did our best to assist him in promoting his products and set up a new blog for him called The World of Guava. I also spent two enjoyable days volunteering at the bird banding station at Ruthven Park and was outdoors dodging the rain while looking for birds most other days. After all, May only comes once a year. And now it is time to spend a little more time close to home to catch up on spring time chores like cleaning and gardening.

Purple Martin, Ruthven Park, Cayuga ON
 The birds which have stayed in the area are also close to home making nests, incubating eggs or caring for their young. Here are a few pictures of nesting birds taken in the past 2 weeks.

American Robin, Rattray Marsh

A Kildeer tries to lead me away from its nest

Black-capped Chickadee nest near our home. The hatchlings have already fledged.

Baltimore Oriole building a hanging nest at Ruthven Park

Sandhill Cranes barely visible on their nest at a marsh south of Cambridge ON


  1. Getting some nice early bird shots.

  2. Bye bye birdies of migration! Great collection of nesters.

  3. We were in your general neck of the woods on the weekend -- Burlington & Brantford.

  4. Wonderful series of nesting birds. We love to see the migrating birds, but better still are the ones who remain here to nest.

  5. @Gaelyn- It is much easier to get pics before the leaves come out fully.

    @Dawn- Will be looking for them again in Sep-Oct

    @AC-I was in Brantford on Saturday- same end of the woods

  6. The first picture is really beautiful.Spring really does pass by so quickly.

  7. I have noticed that there seem to be more birds around this spring - or maybe they are just louder and more full of song than usual.

  8. I've been catching up on gardening and yardwork too.It odes bring a certain degree of satisfaction. Nice photos of the birds.


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