Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Afternoon Tea

Ever since I learned to steep a pot in my seventh grade home economics class, tea has been my favourite beverage. I get up in the morning to have tea, and I come home from work to have tea. My tea is made strong with milk and no sugar. But in the hot weather, iced tea hits the spot. This is the best iced tea recipe from my friend, Elva.

Elva's Iced Tea
Put 9 teabags in a 6 cup teapot. Fill pot with boiling water and steep the tea overnight. In the morning add 16 cups of water, one tin (355 ml) of frozen lemonade concentrate, and one cup of sugar or Splenda to the tea. Makes a big batch that goes down quickly.


  1. Where do you get a 6 cup teapot? I have a problem finding a decently priced one that holds 2!

    I make mint tea often here though I like to add lemonade to it to give it a nice tang. Ok I add cayenne too but Michael and I can be strange...

  2. You just need 6 cups of strong tea. You can make it in any container. I know it is hard to find a good selection of teapots south of the border. The mint recipe sounds good too. I like cayenne in my chocolate...(like in the movie Chocolat)

  3. ...and that is a very good movie (Chocolat).

    Whould you like tea later on this evening, by the way?

  4. Sister in law tried this recipe and wanted a more lemony taste. So she added a sliced lemon and the tea was even better!


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