Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I did a home visit today to do therapy with an elderly man recovering from hip replacement surgery. His wife is dying of cancer and is receiving palliative care. She is a fanatical and obsessive housekeeper.
We all know she is going to die face down in the dish water.
During my visit she "hovered" to make sure neither her husband or I left a footprint or fingerprint in a disallowed place. He is not allowed to use a cane or walker upstairs lest he mark the rugs. He is relegated to a corner of the basement recreation room and uses a cane with a rag tied over the end. He cannot walk much as he may create dust.
They have three children who seldom visit (surprise!) and grandchildren who never darken the door. Nothing will change her skewed values now.
What a pity! Who will keep her house clean when she is gone?
My house keeping motto is "Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy."
Heaven forbid that my obituary should read, "She kept a perfect house."


  1. How true, but taking a housekeeper is the reasonable alternative. For sure I will never have the tidy lable attached to me.

  2. Gosh, believe me, I too an obsessive housekeeper. True, I hate dust and breadcrumb on the floor.But after reading your article I guess, i have to start considering that i live in a dusty country and have to learn to get use of a dusty house.
    True, I would love all my relatives, friends and my family to visit me when i get old and wrinkled.Thanks for this article!

  3. ...You have a house cleaning motto?

  4. Hi Maria,
    Don't believe a thing my daughter says!


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