Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sharing Christmas

today is rain, pea-soup fog, flooded roads and streams, left-overs, holiday clutter...
Christmas holds bright memories for dull days...
children, Christmas Eve snow, snowmen, flowers, bright skies, special gifts...

among the best gifts we received...

*mosquito nets for Uganda,

goats for Bangladesh,

training for health workers in Bolivia,

growing gifts for families assisted by the **MCC

Thank you for caring!

Thank you to all who left holiday greetings here.
I could not reciprocate all of them.
May your Christmas cheer continue through the New Year!


  1. Oh, Christmas gifts that help others are the best kind.
    This year, my office mate at my college gave me a donation to Heifer International. It was a perfect gift. She did NOT know I was doing research on the origins of that organization, and an involvement my grandfather had in its beginnings.

  2. I agree wtih KGMom, those are the best kind of gifts--multi-layered gifts that touch the giver and the recipients. Merry Christimas and Happy New Year.

  3. Dear Ruth....

    Worthwhile and wonderful gifts......what a great thing to do.......

    I hope that 2009 will be a good year for you.........

  4. The gifts you recieved will keep on giving,that's wonderful.A bonus is that you don't have to worry about where to put them once Christmas is over.LOL

  5. Anonymous4:27 pm GMT-5

    Thank you Ruth..lovely collage...We too have rain and most of my yard is underwater again....But on to a new year now...

  6. Thank you for sharing your christmas. Those are really wonderful gifts.
    Have a Happy and healthy New Year.

  7. Love your list of gifts! We had a wonderful Christmas - so many needs in our part of Mexico - drew names and bought one small gift for the one we drew. The rest went to supplying 7 Christmas fun parties for families with next to nothing. With 3 major robberies in 2008 we have learned that many things we have are not necessary. This was our best Christmas in Mexico.

  8. Those are such neat things Ruth. Things that benefit others are simply the best. BTW, love your new profile snapshot! :c)

  9. Great gifts that capture the true meaning of Christmas. I too love the new profile shot of you!

  10. KGMom- Thanks for sharing another way to give these type of gifts. You will have to share your research sometime too.

    Beth- You say it so well. It does touch the giver and all recipients.

    Cheryl- I first heard of this idea on the BBC website. I think many Britons share these kind of gifts.

    Ruth- I am glad I don't have to store a goat!

    RW- What a mess the rain has left, but cold air is returning as I type.

    Wendy- Thanks...hope your celebration was wonderful too

    Mom- Glad your Christmas was so good. I am waiting to hear more details from all who were there :-)

    Jayne- You and your co-workers did the same. Softened and posterized profiles are such fun ;-)

    Kallen- These are the best gifts for sure!

  11. Ruth,

    Wonderful Christmas gifts and the best of the best. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas and I certainly enjoyed the photos of the birds.


  12. I got a flock of ducks and a goat! Wonderful gifts in my name to Heifer International.

  13. Those are the most appreciated gifts, Ruth. At the college, our transportation technology students and staff rebuilt a perfect mini-van with handicap features for a care-giver that fell into hard was wonderful.

    I like your new profile photo, too!

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas...ours was low key and lovely.


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