Thursday, August 06, 2009

What's for Dinner? (2009 version)

Juvenile Robin eating Mountain Ash berries

On August 6, 2008 I published a post entitled What's for Dinner? where I bemoaned my struggles in coming up with another good idea for the supper meal. Well nothing has changed in the past year and some days I stare into the freezer or refrigerator trying to come up with a creative way to combine ingredients I have on hand. I would be happy with a plate of vegetables, a salad or a bowl of cereal, but there are some serious meat lovers in the family.

Our Mountain Ash tree is covered in orange berries and American Robins and House Finches are spending a lot of time in the branches eating their fill every day. I know robins eat grubs and worms, but for now I identify with their fruit loving tendencies.

The American Kestrel is my favourite raptor as I love its graceful lines and beautiful colours. I usually see them perched high on overhead wires but came across one tonight who was so intent on eating its meal, that it disregarded my careful approach. It was in a field near our home and the light of the evening sun was perfect for picture taking.

The Becka was not impressed with the meal presentation but the Kestrel was not concerned. Here is another serious meat lover.

There were several American Goldfinches in the same tree protesting the presence of the falcon. Finally they managed to drive it away, pursuing it until it rested far away on a hydro tower.

I wonder if it got back to finish its meal?


  1. Mexico Mom11:01 pm GMT-4

    Enjoyed your photos of the Kestrel. Perhaps our almost drought conditions in the middle of the rainy season have sent our birds of prey away. I have seen none in the past 6 weeks and this is the time in summer when they are most common.
    One of our swallow families neglected to repair a wind damaged nest before laying more eggs and a baby not quite ready to fly fell to its death this morning. When Dad and I went out the parents tried to fly at us as if we were responsible.

  2. Nice post, but we just use your What's For Dinner blog for things like banana bread.
    Never thought about field game.
    Tartar for dinner tonight.

  3. I love those photos of the kestrel Ruth! Just beautiful. :c)

  4. Im with you! I could eat veggies most meals.
    Great shots of the Kestral and the photo of the Robin with the berry is very nice!

  5. I look many kinds of food, but like you I struggle to decide something new to put on the plate. Great to see a picture of a Kestrel. I followed two last week on a sideroad. When I got close it would fly further down the hydro wire. I was pretty sure that is what it was, but your picture confirm it. The Kestrel looks a little annoyed that his dinner is being interrupted by the finchs, hope he was able to finish it.

  6. do not solve the dinner problem in my home but they are so pretty,maybe we will just look and enjoy.Thanks.

  7. We called the Mountain Ash a Rowan over here in Spokane. Did you know you can make jelly from the berries and they have been substituted for coffee beans in hard times (they cannot be eaten raw though.) Ultimately I much prefer watching birds munch away on them, they are one of the few colors around here in the heart of winter.

  8. My mother had a mountain ash tree in our front garden when I was a child growing up. We moved and I've always missed that tree.

    Nice pic of the kestrel.

  9. Interesting to see what the birds are having for dinner, but it doesn't solve my meal preparation problem...
    Great photos of some beautiful birds.

  10. Wow! Those pictures are awesome!!! Your birdwatching is really paying off, and a big thank you for sharing your encounters with us!

  11. Terrific photos! What a nice golden glow there is on the kestrel and great detail.-I've never been able to get a kestrel photo like those.


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