Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Best Gifts

His brain was injured in an accident at work and he spent weeks in intensive care. Now alert, he has big gaps in his memory. Impulsive and distractable as a three year old child, he struggles to regain his ability to eat and walk and make sense of the world around him. His wife has scarcely left his side since that day their lives changed three months ago.

Holiday advertisements flash on the television screen and she says to him,

“I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping.”

With a rare flash of insight he replies,

“We don’t need presents. We have each other.”

She looks at him with surprise, her eyes filled with tears.

The gift of life is priceless. The gift of love is eternal.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.
I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10


  1. Mexico Mom9:56 pm GMT-5

    How true!
    Dad and I have had each other for 58 1/2 years. There are so many needs here we draw a name and each buys one gift for one of our family members here. They are wonderful Christmas celebrations with what family we have in Mexico and with you and Steph that will be with us a few days later.

  2. Very poignant and touching.

  3. I love your blog, and posts like this are why... thank you.

  4. The power of companionship is inestimable. It's amazing how much it affects both our physical and mental health (spiritual, too).


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