Friday, December 02, 2011

Let There Be Light

Last Saturday The Becka and I arrived at the community centre where we help out three times a month preparing food for the needy. We are getting to know our team as we work together under Ed's direction. Ed can come up with delicious menus with any variety of donated groceries. Sometimes we have boxes of produce to cut up or pizzas left over from local outlets. There is always fresh soup and stew to go with sandwiches. Last month a school donated 21 uncooked apple pies left over from a fundraiser and I learned to use a convection oven, baking 6 pies at a time.

It isn't hard to see from these pictures that something was missing this week. The power was out and we worked with one emergency light and several candles. The Becka and I made a couple of  bread puddings with 15 cups of milk, a dozen eggs, and other measured ingredients in each one. What a challenge to use a measuring cup with minimal light! The gas ovens and grill were in working order though. After a while the power came back on and our job became much easier.

I expect our lights and appliances to work and often take Canada's well maintained utilities for granted. Many in our world do not have reliable power, appliances, safe water or enough food.

Light is essential for life. As the northern hemisphere heads toward its longest night, we decorate houses and trees with lights to hold back the darkness. And we are reminded of Christ, the Light of the World who came to illuminate the path for those who live in darkness and have lost their way.


  1. My newest pocket Canon SD4000 takes great low light pictures without flash.

  2. It is amazing how we are run by electricity! That time I spent in Africa ... some places didn't have electricity and one adjusted their life accordingly. Not a bad thing really.

    Good for you to help out in a kitchen like that! I find cooking LARGE is a real learning curve. Nice to work with someone who knows the ropes.


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