Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Festive Foods

I usually get only one cold a year and it is invariably at Christmas time. My immunity is lowered by eating sweets, over-tiredness and stress. So I aim to make Christmas food this year that is festive yet healthy. Yes, we have done a little baking, but there is no freezer full of cookies and squares. I look forward to seasonal boxes of clementines and juicy, red pomegranates. And when I eat this salad for breakfast, I feel good all day long. 

And I am (almost) full when treats like this star cookie Christmas tree tempt me when I come home from work!


  1. Is that Walnuts I see as your protein?

  2. Wow! That salad looks AMAZING!!! I'm in the health groove right along with you, Ruth! Feels good.

  3. That colorful salad looks delicious. My latest food groove seems to include mostly sugar, soft and easy to chew. Maybe that's why I'm sick.

  4. That healthy stuff looks great-I really like a lot of healthy food but will go for the junk if it is available.-I'm going to do my own version of that salad.

  5. Anon- I add a few nuts, hemp seeds or nutritional yeast for protein. (Protein is really over rated much of the time. The greens are the best)

    Ginger- Wishing you another half century of good health. You are an inspiration to me

    AC- Not really. I like the sweets as much as anyone.

    Gaelyn- Hope you are feeling better soon. Even the hospital feeds sick people sugary, easy to eat stuff :-(

    Larry- I am exactly the same way. I figure if I start the day healthy, I may not stray as easily.


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