Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Christmas Time in the City

Clock Tower December 1, 2011
My dad and mom used to bundle all five of us into the car every December for a drive around the city to look at Christmas lights. We would ooh and ahh at the extravagent displays on big houses in rich neighourhoods. The energy crisis of the early 1980's dimmed many Christmas lights as utility rates soared. But people gradually started decorating outdoors again and our city parks and downtown areas now have lovely light displays at this time of year. The clock tower from our old city hall was moved to the park when the building was demolished in the 1970's. (It is unfortunate that such a fine old building was replaced with a shopping concourse which is now half empty.)

Kitchener City Hall Circa 1964
This old picture from the 1960's was taken by the man who was responsible for putting up the lights at city hall each year. His daughter shared it with me last year. The clock tower sat in its original location on top of the building.

We still enjoy driving around town looking at lights or walking in our neighbourhood at night to see decorations. Some homes are decorated more tastefully than others, but to each his own at this festive time of year!

Who cares about the hydro bill!


  1. Nice job. Is that last photo of one of the tasteful homes? :)

  2. I remember as a kid going into the Chicago Loop to see the store windows all decorated for Christmas. I should get out to see the local lights. Maybe I'll dig out my own decorations tomorrow.

  3. I enjoy seeing all the Christams lights.

  4. AC- It may not be the most tasteful home, but it gets the most views

    Gaelyn- You reminded me of outings with my family to see the windows in the big department stores in downtown Toronto. My daughter visited Chicago last Christmas and I would like to do that too sometime.

    Ruth- You have the snow to accent all the lights. Winter has been slow coming here.


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