Thursday, November 01, 2018


18 months….
  • the age difference between me and my eldest brother
  • 1/42 of my life in years
  • time enough to welcome a beautiful granddaughter who will be 1 year old this month
  • a time of waiting for elective orthopaedic surgery
  • the length of time that has elapsed since adding a post to this blog

June 2017 was the month I had medical investigations that eventually landed me on a wait list for a total hip replacement. I had the surgery 16 days ago. In Canada's publicly funded health care system people often wait for elective surgical procedures. (It is good to know that urgent medical conditions receive more timely treatment) I was able to function well enough in this period of time to keep working and enjoy family as well as some vacation time this summer. Walking became increasingly painful and it was most comfortable to ride my bike for exercise. I missed birding and trail walking this year. 

This is a season of recovery and I have much to be thankful for. My surgeon told me that hip replacement and cataract surgery are two procedures that add the most quality of life to recipients. In a past generation I would be using a cane and a rocking chair for the rest of my days. 

I have been keeping a hand written journal over the past few years but want to share some thoughts on how life has been evolving lately. Change is challenging but resistance to change stems from an inflexible attitude that hinders new learning. Critical thinking, questioning, contemplating history, and being open to new ideas should not stop at any stage of life. 

And I have the time right now for reflection! 


  1. I have been wondering about you from time to time and just recently for some reason. I wish you a good recovery.

    1. Thank you. I was happy to see you are still blogging and look forward to catching up on your adventures today.

  2. It is so good to hear that your surgery is done and you are now in recovery mode.Hope that goes very well.


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