Saturday, October 07, 2006

Postcards for Thanksgiving Weekend
This long weekend we celebrate the Canadian thanksgiving holiday. We are almost at the end of harvest and this is the last big weekend for the local farmers’ markets. Our markets continue year-round, but many of the outdoor vendors will not return until the spring. In a previous post, I mentioned our biggest market, which is the best I have seen anywhere in southern Ontario, Michigan and upstate New York. (Feel free to advertise a good market in your area!)
The families who operate the productive farms, Mennonites and others, display the abundance of their gardens, fields, workshops and kitchens. Susan, from Susan Gets Native mentioned her brother-in-law, “who syndicates "The Amish Cook" in a few hundred newspapers around the country.”
So on Saturday, I took a good look at the food vendors with their sweet and savoury treats including pies, sausages, fresh and aged cheeses, and maple syrup products. There are other curious offerings such as head cheese, cook cheese, pig tails and sauerkraut for more adventurous palates. This is one of two buildings where indoor vendors are open year round. The other building has a livestock auction and flea market.

My husband, in the bottom left corner, is purchasing some of his favourite summer sausage.

The homemade cinnamon buns are popular. I prefer the hot apple fritters, but could not get near the counter to get a photo. You must wait patiently in a long line for the apple treats.

A young girl works selling corn, potatoes and squash.

Home made furniture is sold from this buggy.

Finally, a mime plays the part of a bronzed soldier, honouring Canadian troops abroad in the Afghanistan mission, and celebrating the peace of our nation.

There will be a big Thanksgiving parade on Monday, and lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.
Happy Thanksgiving!

As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. Genesis 8:22

For those who are interested in knowing the differences between the Old Order Mennonites of Waterloo and Wellington Counties in Ontario and the Amish, follow this link.
(I hope the large pictures will load...Blogger is being very difficult today!)


  1. Saddly we really don't have any large farmers markets around in Spokane - I need to further explore it next year but with it going to be 29F tonight, I think the little farmers markets around are going to disappear till warmer weather reappears.

    Apple fritters, you make my tummy crave! Beautiful photos!

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful! Love the pics - that mime is really something.

    Will check out the link you provided - always wanted to know more about the differences in the sects.

  3. Thank you both. The market was full of great pictures making it hard to select just a few to feature.
    I go to the market almost every week, and had never seen a mime there, Laura. He was unusual, to say the least, and he drew a large audience.


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