Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Haibun for a January day

I open the door. Frosty air pinches my face. The sun rises above a ribbon of cloud on the horizon. A half moon hangs suspended in the pale western sky. Clouds roll in from the big lake. People gather at the windows and gaze through the cold glass. We stand and watch large flakes float down lazily in the giant snow globe. The afternoon sun returns and shines through the trees.

footprints in the snow
that blankets the frozen earth
winter comes at last


  1. Yay, Ruth! Thanks for the glimpse of winter white! It has gotten cold here, too. Will dip to 25 tonight but by Sunday, we'll be back to 69 degrees again. Sigh...

    Your poem is just lovely. Beautiful post.

  2. Great haibun, Ruth! I love the descriptions in the *prose* part.

    Wish I had such a pretty view outside my door.

  3. Gorgeous picture, Ruth!

    That one set of footprints reminded me of how I used to LOVE to be the first one to make a set of footprints in fresh snow!
    You see, I lived further north as a child, and now I'm in coastal Georgia --- no snow here! Thanks so much for sharing your picture!

  4. A beautiful word-painting!

  5. Thank you all for your comments. This was the first time I tried Haibun, after seeing the form first on Laura's blog a few weeks ago. The beautiful day was most inspiring! I made that set of footprints, Evelyn, on the way to the parking lot. I know exactly how you feel about that.


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