Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Victoria Day

The Globe (Toronto, Ontario)
March 4, 1901
The Queen's Birthday in Canada

There is undoubtedly a very widespread feeling throughout Canada in favour of perpetuating the 24th of May as a national holiday. It would be a unique tribute to the memory of the venerable sovereign who has been so lately taken from us to continue after her death the celebration of her birthday. It would resemble the homage paid by Americans to the majestic figure of Washington. Moreover, two generations of Canadians have grown up and passed away since we began in this country the observance of the day. We cannot imagine the 24th of May being allowed to pass in Canada as an ordinary day, with no Queen's Birthday sports, picnics, or excursions, and with factories running and schools open.
There is an intense reluctance on the part of all, old and young, to part with our beautiful Spring holiday, and there is really no reason why we should do so. Let us call it Victoria Day, if we will, or Empire Day, or even perpetuate the name "Queen's Birthday," for we may be sure that for many a year it will be known by no other name than that under which it has passed during the lives of all but the very oldest of us. We are satisfied there is a real and widespread feeling that measures should be taken to make the 24th of May a permanent holiday.

After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, an Act was passed by the Parliament of Canada establishing a legal holiday on May 24 in each year (or May 25 if May 24 fell on a Sunday) under the name Victoria Day. An amendment to the Statutes of Canada in 1952 established the celebration of Victoria Day on the Monday preceding May 25.

Queen Victoria
24 May 1819 – 22 January 1901


  1. Happy Victoria Day! Like that gazebo in the park.

  2. yes happy victoria's day. my hubby is canandian so we will celebrate.

  3. Happy Victoria Day to you!

  4. Could the Queen have asked for a better day to celebrate her birthday. It was absolutely gorgeous outside today. I spent a very good part of the day on the trails birding and was pleased with my finds.


  5. Traditionally our planting weekend, so not a good idea to give it up! Unfortunately this weekend has been cold and rainy, except today when the sun came out. I did manage to get some planting done, around the raindrops. LOL!

  6. It's a grand holiday, whatever you call it. It's also nice that it's our anniversary weekend.

  7. Thank you for the little history lesson. I have seen that notation on our calendars, but never really knew what was being celebrated.

  8. Your blog is lovely - soothing. I live in Central Indiana with my mother, who was born in Toronto. I shared your blog with her - she loved the gazebo at Victoria Park ... hope to visit frequently.
    Enjoy your summer, Anastasia (Stacey)!


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