Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Mom sent me an email this week which I have copied below. She is living far from most us and will only see one of her five children today. Thanks to modern technology, we can all be in contact with her at her home in Nayarit, Mexico. The picture above was taken a few years ago and was the last time I was together with my parents and four brothers. Our mother remains a strong influence in our lives and I send my love to her via this post.

Dear Ruth,

Many thoughts in my mind today - some funny, others just wondering, so thought I would write them to you..

I guess I am a little focused on age since I just had a birthday and was a little sad in remembering how many of my family and friends are no longer here in this life.

This is a holiday weekend in Mexico. Mothers Day is always on May 10th here and is a national holiday. Since it is on a Sunday this year, Friday or Monday are holidays as well. Mexicans are very sentimental and as a rule, even today, the mother is the matriarch of the home regardless of her age and there are flowers for sale everywhere.

The youth of the church start on the evening of May 9 and pass from house to house visiting all the mothers and grandmothers singing maƱanitas to them. They finish about 6 AM on May 10 and the last house provides a breakfast for them...

Remember CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training)? It was originally sponsored by the United Church of Canada. We always had a big banquet to honor our mothers and we had to learn and sing with "feeling" MOTHER. (this would have been during World War 2)

M - is for the million things she gives me.
O - means only that she's growing old.
T - is for the tears she shed to save me .
H - is for her heart of purest gold.
E - is for her eyes with lovelight shining.
R - means right and right she'll always be

Put them all together they spell mother, the word that means the world to me.

Mom buying produce in a market in Guadalajara Mexico

I remember how sad I used to be thinking how "old" my mother was and that she would likely die soon. We all had tears and the mothers had tears too. Most of the mothers were in their 30's and 40's and had many years ahead of them. My mother was 36 when I was born and lived for almost 59 more years. Wow!!!!

What a difference! I sure don't feel like a GREAT grandmother but Grandma Devins had many "greats". Time changes our attitudes.

Well that's enough of my meanderings. Blessings to you a wonderful daughter and mother to three of my precious granddaughters.

Love Mom

Happy Mothers' Day to mothers everywhere
and to all women who mentor and influence
the lives of others in a positive way!


  1. Wonderful letter...
    Happy Mothers day to you!

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you, too, Ruth.

  3. Thanks for sharing that sweet letter, and have a great weekend yourself!

  4. Anonymous6:06 pm GMT-4

    Happy Mother's Day To You Ruth...

  5. Happy Mother's Day Ruth. Thank you for sharing the letter from your mother.

  6. What a beautiful letter written by a beautiful lady.

    Happy Mother's Day Ruth and all the mom's.

  7. Happy Mothers Day Ruth!

  8. Thanks, Body, soul and spirit! I have been a follower of KGMom for awhile and noticed your blog listed on her page. This tribute to moms is so sweet and I loved reading about your mom. I live in CA with kids & stepkids & grandkids in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Illinois, & Indiana! I have guilt constantly that we are not "there" for our babies, but hearing a story like yours, makes me put things into perspective! God bless you and your family this mother's day and throughout the year!

  9. Ruth,

    I enjoyed your tribute to your mother. She's right in that our thinking changes as we get older.

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful letter. Happy Mother's Day, my friend. Have a wonderful day.

  10. What a wonderful letter. She must be quite a woman. Happy Mother's Day to her and to you. Thank you for sharing her letter.

  11. Happy Mother's Day to you, Ruth. Thank you for sharing your mother's letter. And those pics - wow! I think I'd like Mexican life.

  12. Ruth--Happy Mother's Day to you, to your mother.
    It is great to have had a wonderful mother to remember fondly.
    Not all children are so fortunate.

  13. To say I was surprised seeing my miscellany of thoughts on your blog is putting it mildly, but your editing and pictures made it special to me.
    I am truly blessed to hear from and especially see each of my children and their descendants.
    It is amazing how a family tree grow!

  14. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Mothers' day to you and the generations before and after.

  15. The letter of your mother shows the big and warm heart she has - you have a happy Mothers Day!


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