Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bed and Breakfast

I spent a couple of days over the long weekend exploring the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie with a friend from work. The weather was cool and sunny and spring showed us the peak of its beauty.

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast at Lowbanks, near Port Maitland where the Grand River empties into Lake Erie. We drove along Bird Road which followed a canal through agricultural land where giant wind turbines turned on lake breezes. The house was about a kilometer from the lake and stood on several acres of land, much of it in a natural state. Looking out the patio window we saw Hummingbirds, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Orioles and many other birds on the property. Walking around the grounds in the evening I came across their hen house.

All fourteen hens and the lone rooster approached me expecting a handout. They are fed grain and compostable material from the kitchen. The owners told me the hens were more contented with a rooster around. (I could take that analogy in many directions!) The rooster was the most polite gentleman and did not crow until after 9AM, unlike Mexican roosters who start crowing in the middle of the night.

The man of the house loves foraging for food on his land. He led us on a trail where wild asparagus grew and showed us the mushrooms, berries and greens they eat on a regular basis. We had wild grape jelly and wild blackberry jam at breakfast and the most delicious wild asparagus omelets imaginable.

I have never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast establishment before and really enjoyed our hosts' hospitality. Another first time guest was amazed that he was able to book by phone and was not asked for references. Coming from the big city of Toronto, he was taken back by the trust shown by taking complete strangers into one's home.

I would highly recommend Pat and Pat's to anyone interested in staying in the area. Can anyone else recommend a Bed and Breakfast they have visited?


  1. How neat that they can live off the land like that and enjoy things most of us have never had the pleasure to even see. :c)

  2. Love the curious chickens & rooster.
    As for bed & breakfasts--I have never stayed at one, though our daughter did years ago when she wanted a special time with her grade school friend who was visiting. These girls were 10 at the time, and the woman running a local B & B agreed. The name of the place is "Abide with Me."

  3. This sounds like a restfulplace to go.Glad you had a good time.

  4. We are currently checking our B&Bs along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We plan to drive the entire length of the Parkway and stay at B&Bs along the way. I love the atmosphere and the people you meet.

    The last time we stayed at a B&B we met a delightful 70-year-old woman who was volunteering for the National Park Service. Her job? Hike the mountains and check bear traps (humane ones). If she found a bear, she would notify others who would come and tag and release the bears.

  5. I've never been to a B&B but this one looks especially nice. I love the idea of gathering the wild edibles.

    Had to laugh at the rooster waiting until 9am to send out the wakeup. I too remember in Mexico how they cocked all night.

  6. Sounds just idyllic - and wild asparagus to boot! Wonderful descriptions.

  7. I've never stayed in one, but I like the idea of homegrown eggs and foraging for vegetable. Sounds unique and fun.

  8. Mr Rooster and his harem! Sound like delightful and a fun B & B. Wild asparagus to boot, Yummy!

    I often think my sister's farm should be a B & B...haven't talked her (or her husband) into it yet. When you visit..someday soon...you will know what I mean.

    It's always a great treasure to find these unique places...thanks for sharing.

  9. You mention Mexican roosters. Our menagerie is special. At last count 3 Mexican fighting roosters(never taught to fight), 21 hens running loose with chicks of every size and colour, 4 geese and 4 almost grown goslings (4 lost to coyotes), 3 Mexican ducks (the very favourite of the coyotes) and one turkey gobbler that would even make a coyote run. He is vicious until put in place & causes all visitors to park in the shade because a car in the sun that reflects his image will be attacked and badly scratched. He is too tough to eat and no one has the heart to kill him so he lives on.
    I guarantee that our roosters now crow 24 hours day and night especially a chorus at 6 am each morning.

  10. I think I have stayed in four B&B's over the years. Three were very good. The other was okay but their breakfast wasn't.

  11. I love B&Bs ..but havent stayed in one since we have been living in our motor home.
    I think it is so cool that the owner likes to forage for wild foods..I need to learn more about that.
    hee hee..I love that first photo of the rooster!


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