Monday, April 12, 2010

New Tenants

The forsythia bush is in full boom in the garden and green perennials shoots grow visibly each day. A mountain ash tree stands and the back of the yard and soft green-grey buds are almost ready to open.

Last year I added a small room to our property. I selected one with a reinforced door which would make it difficult for red squirrels to chew their way into the enclosure. The room was never occupied and over the winter the paint cracked and peeled.

This spring an inspection was undertaken by a pair of Black-capped Chickadees and...

I am happy to say they have moved in. We have had several Robins nest in our shrubs and Northern Cardinals built a flimsy nest in the top of the lilac bush, but I have never had a bird house tenant.

I watch their comings and goings from a distance. These Chickadees would eat out of my hand in the winter, but now they are secretive and stay away if I am too close to their room. I do hope they find it safe and comfortable and perhaps I will have a chance to see their babies before long.


  1. They build the sweetest, softest nests Ruth... lined with moss if you ever have the nerve to peek inside.

    Congrats on your new tenants!

  2. How fun to play witht he birds.

  3. I'm sure they will be the best pair tenants you will ever have. They will mind their own business, take only what is needed, provide you with enjoyment and maybe even give you a little "dee dee" song every once in awhile. The birdhouse is very cute, perfect for the new chickadee homemakers.

  4. That's exciting news.I hope you get to see the baby birds leaving the nest.Keep us posted.

  5. I've noticed too, how secretive they become come nesting time. We put a nest box out a couple of years ago and never any takers ... but there are lots of trees around with cavities so I'm sure they prefer those.

  6. What fun to have the new Chickadee tenants in your bird house! They are so cute. I love all the bird chirping sounds around our house in the springtime, too.

  7. We once had a birdhouse out, mostly for decoration and a sparrow family took up residence.

    here are a few posts in this archive if you want to look. But I certainly don't expect you to.

  8. Anonymous6:58 am GMT-4

    Ruth, how nice to have birds nesting in the yard. It really adds a neat slice of life. You will get lots of pleasure out of watching them come and go.

  9. Lucky you! I hope the chickadees find a nest box in my yard again this year. They're such lovely little neighbors to have around!


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