Monday, April 05, 2010

Willie was Wrong

Easter Weekend Daffodils

By the beginning of February most Canadians think winter will never end. Groundhog Day is a silly attempt to wish away snow and cold temperatures and by the time spring does arrive, most of us have forgotten what the groundhog predicted. I think spring is often a non-season in this part of the world. Some years we have snow and cold through the month of April and into early May, and then we get hit with a heat wave that lasts through the summer months.

But this year Wiarton Willie, our local rodent prognosticator was wrong!

He apparently saw his shadow and therefore predicted six more weeks of winter. Quite frankly, I believe his handlers had it wrong because the day was overcast and any shadow from the sun on February 2nd was 10% real and 90% imagination.

Guelph Lake near the end of last week

Spring came early and stayed on. We had no snow in March which is very unusual, and April arrived with summer-like temperatures. Forsythia is blooming in my garden a good three weeks ahead of usual and spring bulbs are coming up everywhere. This is somewhat alarming because we are sure to have frosts in April and May which could damage early blooming fruit trees. Our mosquito and black fly season is going to have a head start and the ground is exceptionally dry. Vernal ponds in fields and meadows are very small or non-existent so there will be fewer frog choruses heard during their mating season. My husband is concerned about an early start and end for spring lake trout fishing and lakes are rapidly becoming ice-free.

Forsythia in our garden today

Some people will preach global warming and win converts to their theory in this "El NiƱo" year. But weather norms are averages and our last two winters were exceptionally cold, snowy and long. Last summer was cool and wet and we never needed our garden hose. My niece in Spokane WA is experiencing snow and sleet this long weekend. I like to consider all sides in the climate change dialogue.

Weather is a favourite conversational topic for Canadians, and why not? I plan to enjoy each day as it comes.


  1. I keep expecting the weather to return to seasonal normal, but maybe it won't. The weekend was incredible here.

  2. I suer am glad that we humans are not in control of the weather.What a mess we would make!Have a wonderful day,enjoying whatever the weather brings.

  3. So it is dry, even back there. Yes, everything is early here too. We got home Saturday night and I saw my tulips all up ... I went to check on them yesterday ... the deer had mowed them right off. I was SOOOOO disappointed. But they left the crocus.

  4. Your spring is beautiful, and I'm sure keeping many folks cherry.
    What is normal about weather anyway?
    Enjoy it while you can, we can not change the weather so have no choice but to adapt.

  5. I keep hearing people warn that this is "not it" for the snow and cold! I SURELY hope they're wrong! I am ready for lighter jackets..or none at all and the freedom to leave the house without having to plan a half hour ahead of time to get my toddlers appropriately dressed! :)

  6. Spring has sprung early this year. I worry about the dry grounds we already have now and yet rain is forecasted, but little has appeared. My daffodils and tulips are up but not blooming yet. They are shaded and could be another week. Yes weather is a daily topic of converstation and one we don't have any control over, so like you say...take each day as it comes.

  7. Same concerns about another freeze here. But I'm with you...just enjoy the lovely days when you have them.

  8. We've been lucky this spring. It arrived so early and is so nice and warm! I'm loving it!!!


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