Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Remember Whensday: Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth

Ruth (me) and Aunt Ruth circa 1958

I had the same first initial, given name and maiden name as my father's youngest sister for over 20 years and people would sometimes be confused when I appeared instead of Aunt Ruth. She was (and is) as outgoing and vivacious as I was shy and retiring. A child prodigy, she was in piano competitions long before her feet touched the pedals. She has perfect pitch and Dad told us she first played "God Save the Queen" on the piano by ear at the age of three. She spent many valiant years teaching me the piano for which I am grateful as I enjoy playing to this day. But it is far more enjoyable to hear her music and she still performs on a regular basis. Aunt Ruth has a wonderful sense of humour and a faith which has seen her through the hills and valleys of life.

I featured pictures from her sister's wedding when I said Happy Birthday to Aunt Lois back in March. I found this slide which shows the colours of the dresses better than in the outdoor pictures. Aunt Ruth is in the green dress in this picture which was also taken in 1958. She played the organ or piano at countless weddings including Mom and Dad's when she was 13 and at mine 22 years later.

Today is her birthday and she is just as youthful as ever. You will be sure to see her hanging out with the kids at a family gathering. She loves Nascar and drives her own car like she is in a race for money. She figures our city is about 50 minutes from Toronto while the rest of us know it is a good 75 minute drive away. (She has many police stories to share and is also gifted at getting out of tickets now and then). No one at the party below drove a four-wheeler as well as Aunt Ruth!

Aunt Ruth is well loved, makes friends easily and keeps the friends she has made over the years. She is a wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend. I wish her many, many more happy, healthy years ahead.


  1. Great story to share Ruth. And how wonderful to have such a talented Aunt.

  2. What a wonderful tribute your aunt. I'm sure she is just as proud to have you for a niece as you are to have her as an aunt.


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT RUTH!!! I'm certain you are happy to carry her name.

    I called my Aunt Ellen (age 83) on Saturday. She had just finished dyeing Easter eggs. No children were visiting but she said if she was making deviled eggs for Sunday she might as well enjoy Easter eggs on Saturday.

    Our aunts have so much to teach us about aging. How fortunate we are to have them.

  4. It is so good to have family and be proud of them. The love is obvious. I am glad that you have a loving family. Some of my friends do not know that feeling and it is so unfortunate.

  5. Aunt Ruth sounds like a person I would love to meet.Happy Birthday to Aunt ruth from another Ruth.

  6. It's so great to have a namesake you love and admire! I'm named after my Grandma Laura who was also a character (in a good way)--someone I'll have to write about more on my blog.

    Thanks for the interesting post!

  7. Happy birthday Aunt Ruth. I'm sure everyone in the family loves you but i have the feeling that your niece Ruth loves you a bit more.
    Am i right Ruth?

  8. That is the most beautiful wedding picture - love the colors!

  9. Mexico Mom and Dad4:36 pm GMT-4

    Very interesting account but very true. We remember those special moments well, including our wedding.

  10. Thanks for all the comments and best wishes for Aunt Ruth. I have a wonderful family!


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