Sunday, March 16, 2008

Three Wishes Granted

Samuel took this picture of the RBNU

I mentioned yesterday that my cousin Samuel had recently come back to Ontario from an extended stay in Arizona. We went birding yesterday afternoon and he tells the story very well in his blog entry posted today. I had a three special wishes for winter birding this year including seeing an owl and some less common woodpeckers. And I wanted to have Chickadees feed from my hand. All my wishes have been fulfilled as the Chickadees and a Red-breasted Nuthatch fed from my hand at last. I took this video just as my camera batteries died. (I had batteries in the car, but it was a long trek through the snow to go back for them.) You will have to see Sam's blog for more pictures. I was happy to see two male Red-winged blackbirds who assured me that spring is really here. And the Red-bellied Woodpecker was a first for me too.


  1. Glad to see you're back!

    I've had Chickadees feed out of my hand too. I wasn't expecting it the first time it happened and it startled me. This was a few years ago (before digital photography) ... I thought it such a neat experience I took my Mom and another friend to that particular park, so they could experience it too.

  2. Ruth,

    Wow! That must have been a marvelous experience. I'm so glad that your three wishes have come true.

    We have a screech owl that lives somewhere along the canal. I hear it at night when I'm taking Meeko, but have never been able to see it. Screech owls are becoming very rare and I'm so glad this one has taken up residence here. Its been here for a couple of years. It may have been here longer and I may not have noticed. I'm hoping there's a pair and that they have chicks.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always. I love your photo of the trail. You always post such beautiful photos.


  3. Way to go, especially on the nuthatch. I had that happen once but it seems more likely with chickadees. Nice presentation. Did I ever send you here for my encounter with the chickadees? Probably did.

  4. Oh I like this blog too!
    There are so many birders out there.

    I am just begining.

    thanks for posting your beautiful pictures.

  5. Hello Body Soul and Spirit
    Great blog entry I had a lot of fun

  6. Welcome back!When I get on line your blog is the first thing I turn to. Come to Mexico and try to lure our humming birds or orioles onto your hand. Time to make 3 more wishes and they too will rapidly come to pass.
    Leave tomorrow 2:30 PM for home and my migrators.

  7. Anonymous7:01 pm GMT-4

    Ruth, I saw this on Sams blog and very excited for the both of you guys!

  8. That`s so precious! What trust.

  9. Ruth, congratulations. I enjoyed your video so much! It would be great to have Sam with you more often.

  10. Oh, I am SOOOOO jealous! What a wonderful treat to behold. Guess I need to make a three wishes list and see what happens! Thanks so much for sharing this joy Ruth!

  11. CS- Thanks...Hand feeding birds is something to share with others for sure.

    Mary- I would love to see your Screech Owl, or even hear it. Let's hope it has a successful breeding season.

    AC- Yes, I did see your chickadees and you inspired my wish to do the same. I was hoping for a head shot like yours, but only one landed on the hood of my coat.

    Tera Rose- Thanks for visiting. I have learned much about birds in the past year, mainly from reading blogs. Great fun!!

    Birdman- Hope you can come back soon!

    Mom- Those orioles would be spectacular to hand feed. I will feature some of Dad's pictures soon.

    Monarch- You are also an inspiration. Thanks for encouraging Sam.

    Jean- It is a special trust for sure.

    Mary- Sam is the perfect birding companion...very patient and quiet and smart. I think he has memorized the Sibley Bird Guide.

    Jayne- I am jealous of your Bluebirds. They will be on my next wish list.

  12. GGreat job! I've had chickadees feed from my hand but trying to capture a video at the same time shows pretty good coordination!

  13. Oh my Gosh! Ruth! That's always been one of my great wishes. Oh, lucky, happy you.

    I've missed so much. Are you now fully retired?

  14. Larry- Actually, I was taking the video of my cousin's hand, not my own. I did manage to get still shots of my own hand though.

    Cathy- I still work four days a week at the hospital and may pick up some extra hours after the summer. I was working more than full time with 2 jobs. I don't expect to retire for some time.(and that's OK)

  15. Oh Ruth, that's so awesome! All those chickadees! And what fun to see that little movie....just amazing.

  16. Ruthie- Now for the hummingbirds ...:-)


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