Saturday, March 01, 2008

March has come in like...

(unless all that new white stuff is supposed to remind us of a lamb!)

The weatherman said March will be colder than normal and he reminded us that on average, we receive 20% of our winter snowfall in March. (There was 100% more snow than usual in February). We have never had an April here without some snow. Forget what the groundhog said! There is no early spring coming this year. But the ceremonial tapping of the maple trees was done yesterday even though the sap is not running yet. All this snow should help create ideal conditions for a great maple syrup run once the temperatures warm up a little.


  1. Oh no, is that's what's coming this way?

  2. Anonymous9:08 am GMT-5

    Looks the same here in Ottawa this morning. Booo!

  3. I just decimated a stack of my whole wheat pancakes smothered in maple syrup... I adore maple syrup (though I prefer grade B to A.) I have always wanted to see maple trees tapped...

  4. Thanks for the preview of the snow--it's here now, burying us yet again before heading off to the maritimes.

  5. Wow. It looks soft and fluffy ...and cold! Despite the weather folk, I hope it's not long till you have hyacinths and daffodils.

  6. WOW! You really got a snow dump! We're having clear blue skies, warming sun, and 29 degrees here in Minnesota today but I keep reminding myself that we always have at least three BIG snowfalls in March.

    It will melt...

  7. AC- I didn't know you were going to enjoy this Alberta Clipper too! It was quite nasty last night and this morning. Good luck!

    Peter- We aren't supposed to look like Ottawa here in our part of SW Ontario. Shoveling is no longer any place to put it!

    Jaspenelle- The trees had a dry tap yesterday, but the lines and pails are going up. Our big Maple Syrup festival is April 15th this year in Elmira.

    Beth- I cannot complain about snow when I see what you have!! Somehow your mountains make it look prettier.

    Ginger- At least there are no headlines about global warming lately.

    Lynne- You always send your storms our way when you are done with them. Three more...I am sure we will get that at least.

  8. Looks very wintery - ours came in like a lamb so maybe we have to watch out!

  9. Brrrrrr. Shiver. I hear that lion's roar. I love you positive outlook, Ruth: More and better Maple Syrup. Ummmmm . . ..

  10. That's 'your' positive outlook :0)

  11. Anonymous8:16 pm GMT-5

    I sure hope its out like a lamb! I almost forgot about Maple Syrup season!

  12. For you, I'm hoping March will go out like a lamb. Enough is enough. March can be a mad month!

  13. I know it's probably a pain, but it does look so pretty Ruth. Hang in there... spring will come eventually!

  14. Anonymous6:34 am GMT-5

    Funny... Just as I was trying to wake up in bed this morning, I was remembering the lion-lamb thing... I'm, of course, happy that I'll finally get to use my snow shoes and skis!

  15. Jean- There is no reason March cannot come and go as a lamb once in a while!

    Cathy- Positive spins are becoming harder to find. I will grant the ski operators winter until mid-March so they can have good business during the school break, but that is it. :-)

    Monarch- Yes, the red maples should be blooming soon, and the sap running.

    Mary- March is just downright unreliable!

    Jayne- Pretty indeed, from indoors. You should have seen the commute home. It was the worst drive of the season.

    Jennifer- Funny how you had so little snow compared to us this winter. And you basically get the same weather systems I would think.

  16. Oh Ruth, it's getting to be a long winter isn't it? We haven't had as much snow as you this winter, but it's just been so darn cold and the snow we have isn't melting. There will be plenty of rejoicing when spring finally arrives!


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