Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

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Your commitment to each other
Is so evident to us
Through all the ups and downs of life
You’ve learned how to trust
We pray that as you celebrate
The love you both share
You’ll sense the love and grace of God
And know He’s always near

© By M.S.Lowndes (source)

My parents were married on April 4, 1953 in Toronto, Ontario. Their family now includes five children, fourteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. I am sure they could never have imagined all the twists and turns of events that were to be part of their future together.

Today Mom is recovering from surgery she had two days ago. She is staying at the home of my brother near Torreon, Mexico. Dad is about 12 hours away by car at their home near Tepic, Mexico. They will not be celebrating the day together but I wish them both health and happiness ahead as they continue their life together. We love you both!

Mom has always liked Forsythia flowers. I cut a branch off the shrub in my garden a little while ago and placed it in water in the house where it bloomed in a week. So here is your flower, a month earlier than it will bloom outdoors here.


  1. Happy Anniversary--Ruth's Mom & Dad.
    Sorry you can't be together face-to-face, but it is evident you are together in spirit.

  2. Mexico Mom2:01 pm GMT-4

    Mil gracias (1000 thanks) for a beautiful post.

    Dad remembered the date and called this morning. Steph's blog and your remembering my love of forsythias and your love and thoughtfulness have made my day.

  3. What a wonderful thing to celebrate so many years. All the best.

  4. Happy Anniversary to your folks, Ruth!
    I hope your mom has a speedy and uneventful recovery.

  5. Awww - what a beautiful and heartfelt post! Happy Anniversary to your parents. I hope they have many more joyous years to be together.
    My mother also loved forsythia, and so do I. She had a beautiful forsythia bush in the front yard of their home. I remember watching it bloom early in spring. The fresh yellow really brightened up the garden.

  6. Happy Anniversary to your folks Ruth. Sounds like they've spread their love to a large family.

  7. Anonymous9:36 pm GMT-4

    Ruth - Thanks for the great write up. The challenges of the past seem
    small after you have been there. The mountain tops to the future have
    greater challenges but love and faithfulness to each other in God's
    will, will carry us through.


  8. Happy 56th Anniversary Ruth's Mom and Dad!! It's too bad that you have to be miles apart to celebrate. I hope for a speedy recovery and many more blessed years together.

  9. Ruth,

    Happy Anniversary to your parents. I am so glad you were able to get the Forsythia to bloom in time for this special day.


  10. Hmmm ... they were married not quite a year before I was born! Fun seeing their wedding pictures. I hope they both had a good day even though they couldn't be together ... and that your Mom is recovery as she should!

  11. Enjoy your mum and dad while you still have them. They are so precious.

    When I was little, I didn't understand why my younger sister's birthday was celebrated in a big way. I was really jealous. It was only later that I knew she was born on my parents' anniversary.

  12. Awww... how very sweet Ruth. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

  13. I guess I'm late, but I'll add my best wishes anyway.

  14. Thanks to all who commented and wished my parents well. My mom is coming along after her surgery and hopefully will be back on her feet soon.


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