Monday, April 06, 2009

Old Man Winter Says Goodbye

One of our daughters arrived in Canada last week for a visit. She now lives in Mexico and as I drove her home from the airport she was disappointed that there was no snow. I pointed out a ski hill that still had some snow on its slopes even though there was not enough of it for skiing. After all, this was the first of April. But April Showers sometimes partner with the cold North Wind to produce Spring Snow.

And this is the end result;-plenty of heavy wet, "snowman" snow. At least it doesn't last very long. I have seen snow here in late April and even into May.

We had to travel to Toronto to complete some business today and the winter driving was not much fun. Toronto had rain rather than snow and the CN tower was shrouded in grey clouds. The trip was successful and we drove 100 km home into snow and cold winds blowing off Lake Huron.

Now it is time to shovel, make that final snowman and say goodbye to Old Man Winter for good!

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  1. I think Old Man Winter has relocated to my neck of the woods this week. We're expecting 3" of snow tomorrow.

  2. Make your snowman Ruth and then tell it to go away!! ;o). Spring snow can be so pretty but it torments you at the same time because you are so sick of it! At least it won't last long like you said though.

  3. i surely hope seems like winter is hanging in there for many of us.
    we had beautiful days here in central virginia and today it is blustery and cold...have weather forecasted in the 40s this week after the 70s yesterday.

    have a good week.

  4. Fare thee well, Old Man! What a beautiful spring.

  5. i hope your daughter was still around for the snow. Must be hard to have her living so far away. Then again, Mexico would be a fun place to visit.

  6. Although I do not envy the snow, the pictures of the snow are beautiful!

  7. Can't wait for the really nice weather to begin. We've had cold and rain for the last couple of days. Blahhhhh!

  8. Funny how when we visit back home -- our motherlands -- that we expect it to serve it all up on a platter just like a good home cooked meal!

  9. Spring snows can be nasty.Hope your melts real fast.It does make for some neat pictures.

  10. Jan- I think he is visiting a lot of people this week!

    Kim- It has turned colder and the snow will no longer pack. oh well...

    Erin- That is cold for you. Things are all relative when it comes to weather.

    Sandy- yes, farewell until at least next December.

    Janie- Yes she is still here until Easter weekend. She did some shoveling for old times' sake.

    Louise- Pretty to look at, except on the highways!

    Wendy- You still seemed to have a lot of snow last week. Hopefully you miss this storm.

    Robert- lol! well said.

  11. Oh... my sympathies (hahaha!)

    I love the robin. He's probably thinking, 'what the...?'

    Here's to warmer weather!

  12. Ruth,

    I certainly hope that you are right and Old Man Winter is on his way north for the duration of spring and summer.

    Great snow for making snowmen and Dakota loves it. This is the first snow he remembers and he's been slipping and sliding down the terrace everytime he's been out. He also knows what snowflakes taste like. He's very good at catching them.

    I certainly don't envy you your drive today. I saw the mess on City TV News and it wasn't pretty.

    Have a great week.

  13. How cool that your daughter got her snow wish. And that this should melt away quickly.
    Great shot of the city tower in fog.

  14. Well, that's why April weather is legendary, we never know what to expect.

  15. the snow pics are nice but i don't think i would like the cold that goes with it:)

  16. Have a great Spring!
    Great post!
    And happy anniversary to your parents.

  17. I so hope this will be your very last snow too Ruth. I know you all are ready for the thaw. :c)

  18. Amen to that Ruth! We're looking forward to "normal" temps and sun for the rest of this week. Hopefully spring is here to stay!

  19. No more snow, no more snow! The old man just can't seem to pack his bags be on his way.

  20. We got our snow overnight and I really wish it would go away! Vancouver is suppose to get to 20*C today! I hope your daughter enjoyed the snow and you got your snowman built. Thanks for sharing.


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