Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Spicy Touch

I was first introduced to Indian culture when I lived in Durban, South Africa. Many workers immigrated to the east coast of Africa and there was a large Indian community down the hill from our house. I remember the smells of their cooking, and heard about "hell-fire" curries at a young age. I don't remember eating Indian food as a child, but I love the spicy heat of a good curry now.
There are several good Indian restaurants in our area, and as the meals are fairly labour intensive to prepare, I usually enjoy them when I go out. A friend at work, who grew up in East Africa, recommended a cookbook called A Spicy Touch as an introduction to simple Indian cooking. I ordered the book on Amazon in November, and just received notification that it was shipped yesterday.
I posted a recipe for a butternut squash chicken pilaf on my recipe blog today. It features spices often used in curry such as mustard seeds, cumin, saffron, cinnamon, turmeric and hot peppers. Fruit and nuts are featured in Indian chutneys and condiments, and this recipe includes both.
I also posted a recipe for a baked chocolate custard that provides a cool end to a spicy meal.



  2. I think I mentioned to you before that I work with an Indian lady who every so often will bring in some authentic food. This week is was little pastry type things that reminded me of marzipan - very yummy!

  3. Wow that butternut squash recipe sound so yummy!

  4. Becka- You can make the next batch!

    Laura- I don't remember you mentioning your co-worker. The places I visit most often in the US, usually within a couple of hours of the border, have very few ethnic restaurants. Our city is not large, but many world cuisines are represented. I don't think I have tried something like you describe.

    Jayne- Leftovers for lunch today!

  5. I'm for the custard, too. I printed your recipe. Custard brings back fond childhood memories for me - that's all my Mom gave me to eat after a tonsilectomy.

  6. Mary- Comfort foods all link back to our childhood. Nice memory.


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