Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Flowers: Over in the Meadow

The river runs below the hospital and in the spring this channel is filled with deep, fast flowing water and large sheets of ice. With all the snow we had this winter, the river overflowed its banks and the trail we walked last year was washed away. The flood plain shown above has turned into a lovely meadow as spring has turned into summer. Pools of trapped water are full of minnows, tadpoles, frogs and dragonflies. Hoof prints of white-tailed deer are seen along the muddy edges.

There is a profusion of wild flowers because of the regular rainfall we have had this month. Most of the flowers above are naturalized aliens, but the variety and colour is most pleasing to the eye. Butterflies and other flying insects move from blossom to blossom and sparrows, swallows and finches fly up as you walk by.

The Ox-eye daisy is the most abundant flower this week. Daisies have such cheerful blooms and I don't mind picking a few for a bouquet as they are so plentiful.

I have not been able to identify the last two flower pictures here. The pink bloom above grew on a low shrub in dry soil and the lovely flower below was on a long stem that grew up from the water's edge. I almost missed it as it stood alone almost inconspicuous among the grasses at the water's edge. I spent too much time tonight looking in flower guides with no success in naming them.

The picture on the left shows the entire plant. (click to enlarge)

The children's counting song "Over in the Meadow" mentions toads, fish, bluebirds, muskrats, honey bees, crows, crickets, lizards, frogs and spiders. I haven't seen lizards in our area (there is only one lizard that is native to Ontario), but all the other creatures would be found in this meadow of flowers and grass along the water's edge. Formal gardens are nice to visit but these wildflowers are just as enjoyable and interesting in my view.


  1. What a wonderful fringe benefit from all the snows!

  2. Anonymous7:48 am GMT-4

    I agree the wild flowers this year are very plentiful and the colors are so vibrant. I have seen the flower in the first picture that you can't identify. But I'm not very good at naming flowers. It certainly is pretty though. It's been a very rainy season so far and it has brought in more bugs then ever. It makes it undesirable to do trail walking.
    Butterflies are one of my favorite flyers. They are not plentiful and I think its due to pesticide use that destorys the cocoons. It's sad.
    The flowers have brighten up my day already.

  3. It's a great time of year for flowers -- both wild and garden.

  4. We've had a wet spring and as a result there have been many more wild flowers showing themselves ... some that I only found 1 or 2 of lost year. I find it amazing how they can bide their time until the conditions are right.

    I love God's gardening ... his arrangements are so unexpected! ... out of "the box" so to speak.

  5. Isn't it amazing how absolutely lovely the meadow is? Puts many a planned flower garden to shame. It must be a really fun place to walk.

  6. Ruth,

    I love a natural garden and your photos are perfect. I would love to walk there. It is kind of a wetland area and I'm sure there are also red-winged blackbirds there.

    Thanks for sharing your nature trip. I certainly enjoyed coming along.


  7. Anonymous6:59 pm GMT-4

    Lovely meadow, and I can almost hear the insects. I'm seeing lots of wild flowers as well. They seem to pop up, one after the other. Nice. Sorry, I can't help with the name of the pink bloom, but it sure is pretty.

  8. Can't believe there was so much snow only a few short months ago. And now look - June is busting out all over!!
    Lovely pics.

  9. Ruth, I wonder if Jennifer (Winterwoman) from A Passion for Nature could help you identify those two flowers. I'm curious, too, and would love to know what those flowers are. Beautiful meadow -- my favorite type of gardening -- letting them grow at will.

  10. "In the sand and the sun", the rhythm and rhyme have been embedded in my mind since childhood. The meadow in your photo looks beautiful. I have a meadow nearby that I try to walk in each day. This is a very peaceful time of my day when I wander slowly about with my camera in my hand. And still each day I can find new fascinations.

  11. Sorry, I don't think I will be any help with these flowers!

  12. Thanks to all who took the time to comment. We continued to have daily rain over the weekend and I have not seen things so lush and green for a long time.

  13. I'm guessing the first is some variety of milkweed - the flower shape reminds me of common milkweed almost. There's tons of different varities.

    The second is some type of Rush (juncus, I think is the latin).

    I'll puzzle at them with my guidebooks later this evening.

  14. Hi Laura, Thanks for your suggestions. I just discovered today that the red buds were the unopened flower of a highbush cranberry. I have never seen that colour before. The flowers are white. I found them open on a walk today. I still don't know what is growing at the edge of the river.

  15. Wow, what a pretty area--I love all those flowers!


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