Monday, June 23, 2008

Haibun for Summer

Summer arrives at last. Storms darken the skies and lightning streaks through the grey clouds. The sun shines again and the river reflects lush greens and blues above its banks. Clouds of insects buzz in the still, moist air as a Kingbird performs aerial maneuvers from a high perch. Families gather in the park for a picnic and watch their children run and play.

Summer solstice comes
bringing light that erases
memory of winter


  1. The bitter cold is but a memory... amazing isn't it? :c)

  2. A lovely post to welcome Summer!

  3. Oh...another new word. I did not know "haibun." It perfectly describes the post. Lovely verse and nice photos.

  4. Summer sure is welcome out our way - we've been enjoying sitting out in the evenings.

  5. Hope my dictionary tells me the meaning of haibun, a new word for me too. We are still praying for rain. A few sprinkles but nothing beneficial since September 2007.
    I love your 4 pictures. Canada is beautiful and the changes of seasons so dramatic. Here new leaves push the old ones off so there are few bare trees.
    We have one advantage, our 2 mango trees outside our dinette have their fruit almost ripe.

  6. Summer, the season that brings everything to life, but so far it's been a rainy one. I think we can spare some rain for Mexico Mom. Maybe she will share some of fresh Mangos?

  7. Ruth,

    Yes, summer is here and what beautiful photos you've posted to welcome it to our part of the country. We've had rain off and on but I've enjoyed the lovely breezes.

    Now I'm off to catch up on what I've missed. I see some pretty purple flowers below.

    If you have time, check out my post about the baby raccoons that I snapped a photo of. They are so cute.


  8. A very lovely welcome to summer and a great representational photo grouping. Nice post.

  9. Jayne- I never thought I forget the snowy winter...

    April-Thanks. Hope it has arrived for you too.

    NCMW- I learned about haibun from the blogging world. Now you have to try it!

    Jean- Summer evenings are the best!

    Mom- Haibun is a combination of descriptive prose and haiku poetry.
    I never heard of it until last year. But it may not be as new as I imaging.

    Cheryl- The evening storms have shortened my outdoor time! Last year was so dry and this year the trails are like a jungle. I told my mother we could spare some rain for her ;-)

    Mary- Blogger was down last night and I couldn't comment anywhere. I will have to catch up today. Thanks for visiting.


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