Monday, June 09, 2008

The Journey

Seneca Lake NY

New York City is about a 10 hour drive from our home without any stops or border delays. We initially planned to do the trip in one day, starting very early in the morning. In the end we decided to break it up in two easy days with a stop in the Finger Lakes region of upper New York state. The trip should be as enjoyable as the destination and this proved to be true as we travelled through New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I never knew there were so many Bald Eagles along the Delaware River in the Poconos Mountains.

Greater Scaup

We spent a night each way at Geneva NY on the shores of Seneca Lake. There is an extensive park and walkway along the lake and I walked three miles or so on the pathways.

Horned Grebe

I was surprised at the waterbirds that were feeding in the shallow waters near the docks. Our Mergansers, Scaups and Grebes left southern Ontario in March for the north, yet these birds were here on Seneca Lake in June.

Purple Martins

I was pleased to find a Martin house that was occupied by many noisy Purple Martins. These swallows are present in our area, but I have never found them yet. There were plenty of Bank and Barn Swallows at the lake too. Great Blue Herons and the usual summer ducks and geese were also found.

Some of our friends thought we were crazy to drive to NYC and wondered why we didn't fly instead. But trips, like life are a journey, not just a destination. And aren't memories of road trips the most interesting in our repertoire?!

“When you set out on your

journey to Ithaca,
pray that the road is long,

full of adventure,
full of knowledge.”

Constantine Peter Cavafy


  1. Road trips offer so much as proven by your posts:) We fly, for example, to NS but rent a car and enjoy after the flight.

  2. Anonymous4:46 pm GMT-4

    When you stopped in Geneva, you were relatively close to the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, about 20 miles further east. We always find unusual birds there, that we find nowhere else in the Finger Lakes region.

  3. I like that--"trips, like life are a journey, not just a destination" That is so true.

  4. Ruth,

    The photos of all the birds and waterfowl are fabulous. I have been in that area and it is certainly beautiful. I would love to take another trip through that region.

    I like road trips versus flying. On a plane you do not get to see the lay of the land. I enjoy seeing different landscapes and creatures that live in the area.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post about the tornado warnings. I'm glad you didn't get the severe weather that we did. For a while today I thought we were in for it again. According to the weather news, we will have more thunderstorms tomorrow.


  5. Thanks, Ruth. You reminded me how much I miss the coast. Being inland now, I regret taking the fresh salty air and bay breezes for granted.

    Beautiful post.

  6. The trip should be as enjoyable as the destination ...

    But trips, like life are a journey, not just a destination.


  7. Lovely pictures. Considering the hassels of flying, one almost always arrives frustrated and tired. How much smarter to take your time and see something of the country.

    We have a saying here in the mountains: "The Journey is the Destination."

  8. Ruth--the quote you use is in a poem inspired by the Odyssey, because--of course--Odysseus was journeying to Ithaca, and the journey certainly was "interesting."!
    Hope you enjoy NYC--as you know, I love it and all the more so when our daughter is there.

  9. Jean- Flying definitely has its merits and we do fly to further destinations. But to rent a car and seen an entire region is so worthwhile. I love NS!

    Jan- I really liked the Finger Lakes Regions and may return with my husband. I will have to note the Wildlife Refuge. We drove secondary highways to get to Geneva on the way home, through Ithaca and all those towns with Greek names.

    Beth- So many people don't enjoy their journey and are like little children who whine, "Are we there yet?"

    Mary- Well gas is cheaper in the USA, so it seemed like a bargain to drive through NY. We were going to drive to Gananoque ON and cross at the Thousand Island bridge to the USA, but fuel prices here discouraged that plan.

    Mary- I wish I lived near the ocean!

    AC- Why didn't I know that when I was younger??

    NCMW- You are right about the frustrations of flying. Your mountain saying is wise.

    KGMom- I was thinking of you and your Greece trip when I added that quote. The trip Odysseus took was too exciting for me!


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