Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Flowers: August Blues

This week I took special notice of any blue flowers found in fields and gardens. I don't have anything but pink in my yard right now. Of the many pictures taken on my walks, my favourite is of the wild blue Chicory growing along side the Queen Anne's Lace in a meadow near my workplace.

I pass these municipal gardens each day. The grounds are maintained largely by volunteers and there are all kinds of flowers I cannot name. It is a lovely peaceful place to stop for a few minutes. Here are some flowers that were blooming this week... beautiful blues.

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.

May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.

May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue.

And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.

Irish Blessing


  1. Anonymous7:42 am GMT-4

    As I look at the pictures I found myself repeating a very common phrase I hear from my Dad...
    "mooie bloemen". (beautiful flower in Dutch)

    What vibrant shades of blue and a lovely way to start my day. Thanks for the garden tour!

  2. What a beautiful collection of blues! Thanks for sharing!

    Carolyn H.

  3. I love the Irish blessing- I've never read it before. Thank you!

    The first photo is my favorite.

  4. What a beautiful Friday post Ruth. Have a lovely weekend! :c)

  5. I love all the pictures, but the Chicory and Queen Anne's Lace is outstanding. Thanks for the Friday blessing. We wish the same for you.

  6. What a lovely selection of flowers....and blue....not a colour I find in my garden very often....they are beautiful....

    The words are lovely and very uplifting.....

  7. Ruth,

    The gardens are beautiful and so are the photos of the flowers. Chickory grew everywhere along the rural roads when I was growing up. I don't see it as often now, but love the deep blue color. One of my favorite flowers is blue morning glories. Thanks for posting these pretty blooms.

    Blessing for a great weekend.

  8. The Chicory and Queen Anne`s Lace is a wonderful combination. Whenever I travel in Quebec along hwy 20 at this time of year I look forward to seeing the Chicory growing wild along the highway there.

  9. Those pictures just made my heart sing. How beautiful.

  10. Simple and lovely! What a special combination of blue flowers and magic words. Thanks for sharing.

  11. thanks to all who commented...glad you enjoyed the pictures and the special Irish blessing.

  12. Thanks for the blessing and flowers.-I hope it all comes back your way too. It reminds me of my Nana and Grandpa Moore.


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