Saturday, August 02, 2008

Summer Skies

Looking out the window pane...

Rotating funnel cloud over the city, Clearing after another storm

Noon hour sky, Sunset by our home last evening

August....the lawn is green and needs to be cut weekly. Most years the grass is dormant, crisp and brown by the end of June and we try to get everything watered on Thursday, the only day we are allowed to use a hose.

Severe storms, funnel clouds, local flooding, downed trees have been news features every week. They say the jet stream is running right over us instead of taking a more northerly position and freak storms ride its path.

Since June we have received four times more rain than we did in the same period of time last summer. We did have drought conditions a year ago and I could walk far into the river bed without getting my feet wet. Now the watershed is in fine shape, the reservoirs are full, lawns and gardens are growing very well, and we keep an umbrella handy at all times.

And clouds are an essential part of a spectacular sunrise or sunset.

“Clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add color to my sunset sky.”
Rabindranath Tagore


  1. On the whole, I'm not minding. At least we're not experiencing torrid heat waves.

  2. Lovely photographs of the skies.

    And lucky you, to have enough rain. We're still in the "exceptional" drought category; a step worse than "extreme" and two steps worse than "severe."

  3. We also have heavier rains than usual this year. Flying from Guadalajara, Mexico to Little Rock, Arkansas, we saw water everywhere, flooded fields and in some places flood city streets.
    Insect infestation is great and the rain hardly stops long enough to spray.
    After 2 dry years we are blessed as our location does not give us standing water.
    I love clouds and as usual your pictures are beautiful.

  4. Love your sky photos Ruth. We're not getting regular enough rain to put a dent in things, but at least we are getting some. We're still 4-5" below normal for the year.

  5. Anonymous9:04 am GMT-4

    Beautiful photos! We certainly have seen our share of darks clouds this year. But, our rainy summer has brought us greener grass and overflowing fields of wild flowers. There is a plus to all this rain.
    The orange shades in the sunset pic are gorgeous :)

  6. Ruth,

    I have enjoyed this summer. I don't mind the rain we've had or the storms for that matter. It seems more like the weather we had when I was young. We used to have some mean thunderstorms back then.

    The watershed is looking lovely. The lawns are green and our humidity has been less this summer than most. August is typically our hottest month, so we will see what she brings, but I hope the high temperatures stay away.


  7. Clouds do make wonderful skyscapes! Even though we've had some rain, the watershed in our particular area is still very low. We love to see the rain.

  8. Oh, I just love that poem. Summer skies are most beautiful before or after a nice storm, ey? We haven't had many of them here, thus no sky shots from me.

    I wish the Jet Stream to travel in our favor.

  9. I still say that we were WAY TOO CLOSE to the funnel could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. AC- I agree, it is better than heat waves and drought. And very green is nice.

    NCMW- So many other places are getting lots of rain yet you are having another hot, dry summer. We have rain enough to share.

    Mom- Just got your email and you are getting heavy rain. Glad you have good drainage at home.

    Jayne- Your summers are sooo hot. You would likely need a jacket here! Hope you catch up in your rainfall.

    Cheryl- Thanks. I do believe the farmers are having a good year, which is good. The last few years have not been as green.

    Mary- I don't mind warm days, but I do like evenings that cool off. I like sleeping with the windows open. We will see if August is hot.

    CS- Your area always looks lush and green in the summer.

    Mary- If the jet stream was over you, we would be in arctic air. Usually it is north of us and draws your hot temperatures northward. You do need rain though!

    Becka- That funnel cloud was at least 1000 feet above us ;-)


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