Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Butterfly!

I have been watching large groups of Monarch butterflies gathering together amongst the wildflowers in the meadow over the past week. Our three Monarchs have been slow to eclose and today, three weeks to the day that the caterpillar shed its skin for the last time, the first one appeared. The other two will be three weeks old on Monday and I expect they will not eclose before then.

Photos by Becka....Click image to enlarge

This morning the chrysalis looked completely black. My cousin Samuel could not believe how small the chrysalis was. My photos have shown them much larger than they actually are. It is hard to believe such a large butterfly could unfold from such a small space. The Becka took the pictures of the butterfly from the time it came out and during the time it took to pump its wings open and elongate its thorax. The whole process took less than ten minutes.

The butterfly is still hanging and will not be ready to fly for a while. I gave Samuel one chrysalis and still have one left at home. Perhaps I will catch it on video next time if I am lucky.


  1. Your pictures are terrific.Like your header, also.

  2. Yea! I'm so glad to see you were able to get photos of the new monarch butterfly. How exciting! Congratulations, Ruth. Will we get to see photos of the others? Now I sound like I'm spoiled - not satisfied seeing one, but want more! ;o)

  3. What a treat! We're lucky you were able to capture this. Thanks.

  4. How beautiful it is. Congratulations on being there to catch the moment!

  5. So amazing, so neat! Thanks for sharing this "unfolding" with us.

  6. So amazing..I am so happy I could see this via photos and the blog looks great Ruth!

  7. Ruth,

    What an awesome experiece and your photos are lovely. I have seen Monarchs emerge from their cocoons at the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge and in Niagara Falls.

    I enjoyed your previous post about your trip to Mitchell. That is where the boys were to have been moving earlier in the year but that fell through. It looks like a lovely spot. I've never been there, but am thinking hubby and I need to check it out.

    I enjoyed catching up with all of your posts. We went to the St. George Apple Festival today. If you have time, drop by and see the photos.

    Blessings for great weekend and the weather is to be nice all week.

  8. That is so cool Ruth! So glad you were able to see that 10 minutes of amazement and share it with us. :c)

  9. Anonymous9:48 am GMT-4

    WOW - amazingly cool pictures. I have learn so much about the caterpillar, cocoons and the emerging of a new butterfly through your posts. I'm so glad that you were able to capture it all and thankful you share it with us.

    I sure hope this fellow makes to where he needs to go. Several people have commented the past couple of weeks on the abundance of butterflies.
    A good year for them and I hope that next year is even better.

  10. Wow! It must have been so cool to see all of these butterflies in one spot!

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting. I had not seen a monarch "coming to life" this close up - ever.

  12. I am glad you enjoyed the Monarch "birth". The next one should eclose tomorrow afternoon. I don't get home til 4:30...maybe I have to take it to the hospital. This monarch was attacked by wasps before it could fly and its wing was slightly torn. We rescued it and put it in a safer place. The odds seem very slim that it could make it to Mexico, but many do.

  13. He hatched! Congrats on capturing it on film, your pictures are great!
    I don't know about butterflies, but I've seen a great many of them. I don't know if its just the time of the year or what. Someone told me they were migrating through the area.


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