Thursday, September 18, 2008


Day 18

The chrysalis is becoming more transparent
and soon will appear to be black.
The butterfly should eclose soon.
I do hope to see it happen!
(click to enlarge photo)

(Seabrooke just wrote an interesting post on Monarchs here)


  1. I hope so too - and you can photograph it, so we can all see.

  2. Your documentation has been wonderful all along. I do hope you get to see the finale for it will be great for you to be able add the pictures to complete your story. It seems to take a long time doesn't it.

  3. I hope you can capture it for us.

  4. How exciting for you!

    Looking forward to the birth of the monarch.

  5. I just am writing a post on the monarch migration. Ike certainly took some, but it wasn't during the peak of migration, but it was during the ruby throat migration..sad....
    I hope you see this long awaited butterfly..

  6. Oh, I sure hope it happens soon and that you'll have the opportunity to see it emerge. This reminds me of last summer and fall when Red and I waited so long for all the baby lynx spiders to emerge from the sac that protected them. They, too, were later than what we read about lynx spiders.


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