Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brrrrr...from West to East

Pigeons roasting by an open fire...

One of our daughters took a spur of the moment road trip to Chicago this past weekend with a friend. Chicago is a good seven to eight hour drive west of here on good roads if the weather is fine. We had an exceptionally warm November and until yesterday had no measurable snowfall in our area. But when we hear of storms and cold weather west of us, we know our turn is coming soon. One of our most frequent winter storms is called an Alberta clipper, or Canadian clipper south of the border. These fast moving low pressure systems move from the west between December and February and often pick up moisture as they pass over the Great Lakes. I don't know if the storm this week was a clipper, but we received a nasty mixture of snow, freezing rain and rain and now the temperatures are dropping as winds bring heavy snow flurries off Lake Huron.

These pigeons were huddled around a flame in downtown Chicago a couple of days ago. Eldest daughter called them "pigeons roasting by an open fire, (Jack Frost nipping at your nose)..." I don't know of any similar warming fires in our city and the birds will be roosting in protected areas tonight.

I have never been to Chicago and thought it was just another big industrialized city without a lot of tourist appeal. But it looks like an interesting place to visit, especially in December. Their Christkindl Market runs through the month and looks very similar but larger than our local four day Christmas market.

Winter has arrived...


  1. I so had to laught at the "pigeons roasting by an open fire" yummmy sounding actually. Just kidding.

    Chicago really does have a lot to offer. Having grown up in the suburbs I got to enjoy all the wonderful museums. And at Christmas, a visit to see the store windows was a special treat.

    Stay warm.

  2. We actually had flurries and thunder and lightning all at the same time this week... I've never experienced that before! Neat pictures, I've never been to Chicago.

  3. Those Pigeons are pretty smart to stay close to the warmth.

  4. I've only been to Chicago once, and it reminded me fully of just a smaller NYC. Lots to see and do for sure!

  5. The pigeons remind me of poor homeless people standing around a fire trying to get warm hoping someone will throw food their way. It's an adorable picture.

    I have been to Chicago, but unfortunately it was for work. I know people that visit it regularly and they all say it's a great city to visit. I did manage to go to a NHL game when I was there. The Blackhawks were playing the Leafs. In this rare occasion, the Leafs won that game :)

  6. Gaelyn- you are a well travelled lady. Suburbs are not exciting, but Chicago's downtown looks interesting.

    Tanya- My s-i-l mentioned the thunder you had this week. You live in a big weather city...

    Ruth- And they know how to keep their distance from really being roasted

    Jayne- it is likely cheaper than NYC too

    Cheryl- I had the same thought of homeless people around a fire. The Leafs won?!

  7. Cute pigeons! LOL! Hope they stay well away from the flames. When we (in Montreal) get storms, they're usually Nor'easters. Heavy winds and rain or snow coming from the east or north east and the water comes from the Atlantic. Brrrrr!

  8. Anonymous3:09 pm GMT-5

    Hmmm...they might taste gamey? Haha.

    I do wonder what that flame is for. You mentioned that it is a warming fire, but it seems to small for anything beyond birds, and how many people really care that much about pidgeons.

  9. What a great idea for birds, and other animals!

  10. I wonder if the pigeons are having a heated argument?

  11. I really like those roasting pigeons. They have the right idea.


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