Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Flowers: Early Spring Tree Blossoms

Red Maple Tree

March is acting like the fickle month that it really is. Temperatures have plunged and we have bitter, below freezing temperatures today. But the sun is shining and the skies are clear.

Female flowers (and our dog in the background)

Red Maple trees are blooming and add subtle colour above the brown landscape. It will be a month before any other tree flowers around here and these maples will not have leaves before the end of April.

Male flowers

When the Red Maple blooms it is time for maple syrup festivals, skunk cabbage flowers, Great Blue Herons and Bluebirds. And I will spend time on the weekend looking for all of them.

Female and Male Red Maple flowers


  1. It's mighty cold thisaway this morning. Brrr.

  2. I like the maple sugar candy that I used to get near my Grandma's in Wisconsin. The buds are beautiful. So is March going out like a Lion?

  3. Signs of spring,even when the temperatures are cold,still warm the heart.

  4. It has been fickle here as well. But, Mother Nature has awakened all the flowers and trees just the same. Hopefully they'll all be protected if there is one last late frost.

  5. Spring sure makes everything feels so fresh! What a beautiful red on the maples. Red maples are one of my favorite trees. My daffodils are peeking through the ground. Their bloom, the leaves on the trees and the return of birds will be here in no time. Spring is wonderful!

  6. I did not know there were male and female flowers on the maple (or male and female trees). Thanks for posting such clear pics. Now I will look for them.

    We had cold too, now rain for the next few days and by Easter - record high temps. Yippeeee!


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