Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Becka

Becka and Pa in 1987

There is a large cluster of late February to mid-March birthdays in my husband's immediate and extended family. When the cousins were young, we used to have a joint party with their grandparents, aunts and uncles. The Becka, our youngest daughter, was one year old in these pictures. She was excited to see her grandparents' little poodle who was sitting on Pa's lap. Becka doesn't remember Pa as he passed away later the same year.

Becka and Mimi

And here is Becka on her grandmother Mimi's lap at the same party. Mimi watched Becka grow to a teenager before she also left us.

Today marks another birthday for The Becka. Her cousins are grown and we no longer have a group March birthday party. Perhaps we should...

Happy Birthday Becka!

(and Josh, Cindy, Trish, Tommy, T.J., and Pat...and that is just one side of the family!)

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  1. What precious photos and memories!

    Happy Birthday, Becka!

  2. A happy birthday to Becka!

  3. Lots of memories in photographs!

    A big shout out...

  4. I was just looking through old photos last night and yes, they sure do bring back lots of memories.

    Happy Birthday to the Becka! I think she looks like her Mom in those photos ... mind you, I can't say as I remember seeing Dad????? ... often enough to make a judgment.

  5. What a little doll she was...and what great memories to have captured.

  6. Happy Birthday, Becka! Lovely family pics. We have birthdays late March and early April and usually do everybody at Easter.


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