Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Showers

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The weather is dull and rainy this weekend and few people are out and about on the streets. I saw one lively youngster wearing bright yellow boots and a raincoat as he jumped in puddles. I wish I had taken a picture.

As I cleaned the house yesterday I found excuses to look out at the yard and feeders frequently. There were plenty of visitors including some new ones for the season. I saw my first Chipping Sparrow, a White-throated Sparrow, a pair of Brown-headed Cowbirds at the feeders (!), and our little chipmunks who have emerged from hibernation. The Red-breasted Nuthatches have been here all winter, but were appearing as a couple at the peanut silo. And the American Goldfinch was resplendent in his new breeding plumage. The first daffodils of the season hung their heads in the steady rain, but their colour was most welcome. The Robins were loving the rain and spent the day digging in the lawn for worms.

The best thing was the many cheerful cheeps, whistles and melodies...singing, just singing in the rain!


  1. Love the pictures!

    We filled the bird feeders again here, yesterday, and were watching the birds enjoying them ... and also the antics of our resident squirrel, who was hanging upside down to break into one of the feeders!

  2. Anonymous8:12 am GMT-4

    Isn't all the bird activity wonderful? It especially keeps me cheerful on gloomy spring days. I, too, had my first chipping sparrow yesterday.

  3. Things are advanced over thataway.

  4. I spend far too much time watching the birds and not getting my work done!

  5. What a cheery post! So nice spring has arrived - finally")
    Our garden is dry enough to work in now - happy, happy.

  6. Hedgewitch- Squirrels must be the same everywhere! I have 3 who compete for the feeders.

    Jan M- The birds always seem cheerful, which does brighten a dull day.

    AC- It looks like things are starting to advance your way too...finally!

    CS- Getting distracted is my major fault. I do manage to get things done eventually by being very strict with myself ;-)

    Jean- We will have to dry out a bit more to start working in the garden. Maybe next week...

  7. Anonymous4:41 pm GMT-4

    Nice pictures - spring is certainly making an appearance everywhere.

  8. Ruth--love all the pics of sweet spring creatures. Nice to know the warmth is reaching up north too.


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