Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Vultures and Spring Cleaning

Feasting on Roadkill and Root beer

Lessons from a Vulture

Stand up for what's yours.
Just because it smells bad, doesn't mean it is. -
Waste not, want not.
Eat your leftovers with gusto: dig in, enjoy.
Someone has to do the dirty work.
Even the most menial job, accomplished with dignity, is honorable.
Recognize death as a part of living.
Watch from a distance before making your move.
Practice patience.
Beauty is more than skin deep.
Being bald has its perks.
Air dry whenever possible.
Accept yourself as you are: it's okay to be different.
Hang out with kindred spirits.
Posing like a gargoyle is fun. Try it.
Drink in the view from on high.
Take time to enjoy a good breeze.
Spend some time alone each day.
Move with grace.
Not everyone will appreciate your talents.
Quietly work for the good of all.

I took this picture of a Turkey Vulture at the side of the road last week. I have seen these big birds on the ground only once before and was drawn to the very homely face. April is finally here but there is a lot of cleaning to do before spring's beauty shines through the grime. The snow banks are grey and dirty. A heavy fog is preceding the rain that will come tonight to start washing the earth clean. Bare, muddy ground is starting to show but no green grows above the dead grass of last season. The melting snow reveals layers of garbage that have been frozen in their icy hideout for months. And the vultures have recently returned to engage in some janitorial duties for the new season. Spring cleaning is a big job, but after it is done there will be time to sit back and enjoy the best of the season. And we can admire the vultures as they soar elegantly in the air.

Turkey Vulture flying above the hospital


  1. Love this shot of this Turkey Vulture!

  2. Every time I see Root Beer, I'll think of this vulture.

  3. I woke up to the fog you describe, it's a good sign. The melt is happening without flooding. The picture of the vulture made me smile.

  4. Hi Ruth, Stop by when you have a chance...I have an award for you.

  5. We have tons of them around here and I love to watch them soar. Wonderful photo Ruth. :c)

  6. A friend once said she wanted to come back in the next life as vulture. Why? Because she thought it would be an easy life.

    1. You don't have actually fly. Just wait for a breeze to lift you up.

    2. you don't have to hunt for food, you just wait for something to die (and something always dies)

    3. You don't have to fight--just throw up on whoever is messing with you.

    I think she had a point....
    Carolyn H.

  7. Hello Ruth,
    Vultures are scavengers, I agree someone has to do it! Although people think they are cross, if there were no vultures our planet would be a mess.

  8. What a cool shot. I have a bald head to, but at least it isn't red, and at least I don't eat roadkill!

    Tom @ Ohio Nature

  9. Thanks for the chuckle!

  10. Ruth,

    Sorry I haven't visited in a while. I love the photo of the turkey vulture. I have seen these birds rarely in our area, but every once in a while we do get a glimpse of one.

    We also have those dirty snow banks and the garbage is revealed when the snow melts. Once spring cleaning is done, the earth will sparkle in the beauty of spring. Now I'm going to explore your blog and see what else I've missed.


  11. This shot's quite humourous. At first glance I seriously thought that was beer instead of root beer ("Would you like some beer with your roadkill?").

  12. Too perfect--first the meal and then the root beer chaser!

  13. Anonymous2:51 pm GMT-4

    What a magnificent picture! I didn't know we had vultures, and I've never seen one in person. I'm always learning something new. Wonderful words too. :)

  14. Thanks to everyone who took time to comment! The vultures are plentiful today by the river and five were circling the hospital when I left today. So I added one more picture...


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